Visitor (2017) Horror Short Review

Writer and director Roger Sampson (The Origin of Species) may be on to something here. He is rapidly becoming one of the most well known and best short story director/writers in the industry. His latest short, Visitor, will leave you with a lot of questions and begging for more.

The ultra beautiful Ashley Maure (Bad Kids of Crestview Academy 2017) stars in Visitor as Dr. Price, a fertility doctor that has come up with a new drug that can cure infertility plus make the actual baby delivery safer. Sounds great, right? Hang on to your hats because we’ve got a problem here.

After telling an expectant mother (Gwendolynn Murphy – Hiding in Plain Sight 2012) the good news, Dr. Price mysteriously receives a text from a blocked number saying, “You have a visitor.” At this point I was thinking, “Oh, boy! A stalker!” Well, it gets better. Later on at her residence, she gives a personal log of how the drug is going to do wonders when she gets another text saying, “You have a visitor,” and an even creepier text saying, “See you soon.” Then I was expecting a home invasion movie, but in a brilliant touch of writing, it doesn’t go that way. The creepy, yet outstanding music sets the tone as it picks up right about here. Dr. Price calls her mom and asks if she texted her and obviously she didn’t. What follows is an incredibly creepy and Insidious-like conclusion.

The short ends leaving the viewer with all sorts of questions. “Is this an alien invasion?” “How did they get Dr. Price’s number?” “Why her specifically?” “What does this have to do with the infertility drug?” As Captain Picard once said, “Now we have to go search for clues.” In this case, now we have to wait to see if this becomes a full length feature or not. If Visitor was a 10 minute sneak preview, you can definitely count this writer as interested in the full product.

The mood was set by appropriate music and character development to go along with the pulse pounding finish. Roger Sampson has a potential hit on his hands and not to mention shattering a stereotype. Not every leading lady has to look like Jennifer Lawrence or Megan Fox. Ashley Maure looks normal and that sends a great message that you don’t have to look a certain way to make it as a star. So kudos to Ashley and to Roger as well. Watch Visitor as soon as you can!

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