Kevin H's number one heel. Favorite horror movies: Insidious, Friday the 13th Part 6, Trick Or Treat (Gene Simmons version), the original King Kong, the Alien/Aliens franchise, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, I've been a writer since middle school and have been so controversial I was suspended in middle school, nearly got suspended in high school and kicked off two websites for bad language or different opinions. I can write reviews, fan fics, real fics, romance, sports writing, critiques and anything I'm challenged to do.

The Monster Match: ‘FREDDY VS. JASON’ (2003) – 20 Years Later

Freddy vs. Jason

When you think of the horror genre, two names come to mind almost immediately: Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. For forty years, both have terrorized children and adults alike in their dreams, on the big screen, and in their minds in various capacities. You’d be hard-pressed to go to a …

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Era of The Daywalker: 25 Years of ‘BLADE’ (1998)

Twenty-five years ago, New Line Cinema decided to make a movie adaptation of the Marvel Comics character “Blade” aka Eric Cross aka Frank Blade. Unlike the present-day MCU, Blade was darker, and bloodier, and spawned an era of five years when vampire hunting was cool. Let’s go back to the …

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‘TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES’ : 20 Years Later – Retro Review

Terminator 3

When it comes to action franchises, you can’t get much more well-known than The Terminator. Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator – 1987) took a role back in 1984 and helped it become one of the most iconic characters in cinema history. This month marks the 20th Anniversary of TERMINATOR 3: …

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The Incredible Hulk

“Don’t make me angry….you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” The iconic line from an iconic franchise such as THE INCREDIBLE HULK brings up good memories for sure. Whether its the original Marvel comics, the 1977 television series starring Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby, the 2003 Hulk movie, or the …

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Stephen King’s ‘SALEM’S LOT’ (1975): King’s Favorite Book

Salem's Lot

Picking up where we left off last month, 26-year-old writer Stephen King rolled the dice with his first novel Carrie in 1974. When all was said and done, King had collected $200,000 ($1.8 million today) for his efforts. Now the question was could he follow it up? King himself feared …

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