The Jerry Show (2017) – Even Jerry Springer Would Be Horrified – Movie Review

Poor Jerry… He just wants to be an average guy doing average things. Instead, he’s saddled with a problem even bigger than even the most extraordinary guy has to contend with. Jerry has a little voice that follows him wherever he goes, speaking to him and convincing him to do the most terrible things. Unfortunately for him, that pesky little voice may just be worst influence in all time in the comedy horror short The Jerry Show.

The Jerry Show’s Official Synopsis:

Plagued with an emotionally abusive tormentor he can’t escape, Jerry degrades himself night after night in a futile attempt to placate the bully. One night, Jerry’s persecutor leaves him in a predicament he sees no way out of, and at his wit’s end, Jerry finally confronts the tyrant.

The Jerry Show was created in the twisted mind of Stephen Stull (B is for Backne 2016), who wrote and directed the 9 minute short. David McMahon (The Itch 2017 – our review) stars as the miserable Jerry, alongside Louis Iacoviello (Get Dead 2014) and newcomers Dan Biwee and William Keevan.

There’s a little clue here… can you spot it?

It’s a bit hard to review this short without spoiling it. In all honesty, I will say that you will NOT see it coming. I was totally floored, and I’ve seen a lot of stuff. The Jerry Show is disturbing, disgusting and droll… and I loved every second of it. I can’t wait to see more from Stephen Stull. As a matter of fact, some of his shorts are available on his website, and I encourage you to go check them out, especially if you’re not easily offended… and you hate clowns as much as I do.

The short has been chosen at a number of film festivals, as well as garnering a few awards:

FilmSlam (Orlando, FL, October 2017) — Winner, Audience Favorite
Video Nasty (Seattle, WA, October 2017)
Florida Horror Film Festival (Tampa, FL, November 2017) — Winner, Best Actor in a Short Film
Buried Alive Film Festival (Atlanta, GA, November 2017) — Winner, “What the Fuck” Award
Brouhaha Film and Video Showcase (Orlando, FL, November 2017)
Videodrunk Late Night Heavymetalweight Extremedgey Somewhereoutthere Mircofest (Toronto, ON, November 2017)

People, this short won the What the Fuck Award. How can you not want to see it?

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