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‘Into The Wild’s’ Emile Hirsch Talks Hitler, Anton Yelchin, Mud, Accents And More!

When I first found out that I had the opportunity to interview Emile Hirsch, an actor I have followed and loved since first seeing him in The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys back in 2002, I was so excited I could barely contain myself. Thanks to my beautiful, amazing friend …

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25 Of The Creepiest Kids’ Toys in History!

When I was a kid, a trip down the toy aisle of the local department store would include many things, like fuzzy stuffed animals with shiny button eyes, poseable action figures, boxy board games and colorful plastic outdoor toys. If I had seen any of the following things peeking out …

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The Jerry Show (2017) – Even Jerry Springer Would Be Horrified – Movie Review

Poor Jerry… He just wants to be an average guy doing average things. Instead, he’s saddled with a problem even bigger than even the most extraordinary guy has to contend with. Jerry has a little voice that follows him wherever he goes, speaking to him and convincing him to do …

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