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Willard (2003): A Man and His Rats Craft Rollicking Revenge


Unfortunately, Glen Morgan’s Willard seems a bit underrated. Then again, that surely fits the theme and overall feel of the story itself. Willard Stiles (Crispin Glover) is constantly mocked and humiliated by his life at home, and at work. Made into a misfit and the butt of life’s joke, Willard’s main …

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ARROW Unveils August, 2022 SVOD Programming Lineup

Arrow SVOD August 2022

Arrow Video was kind enough to send us their August 2022 lineup for their subscription-based ARROW streaming platform. Subscribers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland can stream their content now! Read on for the details, but first, watch their August highlight video! From The ARROW Press Release London, …

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Interview With Michael O’Shea, Writer and Director of The Transfiguration

Awhile back, I had the chance to watch and review the amazing vampire film The Transfiguration (read my review of the film here) from writer/director Michael O’Shea. I absolutely loved the film, so I reached out to Michael and asked him for an interview. Thankfully, he accepted. Check it out! PopHorror: …

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Man vs Nature: 10 Crazy Natural Horror Films!

Natural horror films have been a popular subgenre in horror, dating all the way back to the 1920s with the first movie adaptation of Herman Melville’s MobyDick. Since that time, we have seen the likes of killer plants, insects, fish, reptiles, and just about everything else that exists in nature. …

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10 Not-So-Cuddly Animals In Horror

Serial killers, demons, and the occasional killer robot aren’t the only things out to get our woefully unprepared protagonists in horror movies – oftentimes, the perpetrators are hiding in the water, in the sky, even in our own homes, masquerading as adorable critters who are apt to turn murderous at …

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