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Coming Soon to VOD: Li Xiaofeng’s ‘BACK TO THE WHARF’ (2020)

Coming soon to VOD from Red Water Entertainment and director Li Xiaofeng (Ash) is a new Crime Drama: Back to the Wharf. The film stars Yu Zhang (Dying to Survive), Jia Song (Red Cliff), and Yanhui Wang (Dying to Survive). Here’s a look at the poster art! BACK TO THE …

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Coming Soon to Digital and DVD: ‘FIRENADO’ (2022)

Coming soon to Digital and DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment and directors Rhys Frake-Waterfield and Scott Jeffrey is a new action film: Firenado. The film stars Sian Altman (The Curse of Humpty Dumpty), Nicola Wright (Jurassic Island), and Stephen Staley (Return of Krampus). FIRENADO (2022) Synopsis The film tells of four …

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Coming Soon to Digital: ‘THOSE WHO CALL’ (2023)

Those Who Call (2022)

Coming soon to Digital from Uncork’d Entertainment and director Anubys Lopez (Aged) is a new horror film: Those Who Call. Check out the trailer below, then read on for the details! Those Who Call (2023) Synopsis The film tells of two sisters that go on a road trip to Colorado. …

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Available Now in Select Theaters and On Demand: ‘TWISTED’ (2022)


Available now in select theaters and On Demand from October Coast and director Vibeke Muasya (Lost in Africa) is a new thriller: Twisted. The film stars Cree Armstead (The Bench – TV Series), Medeleine Masson (Karma), and Karen Leigh Sharp (Country Fixin’s). TWISTED (2022) Synopsis A young woman seeks independence …

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Sci-Fi Thriller ’65’ (2023), Starring Adam Driver, Drops Epic First Trailer

'65' (2023)

“So I have this idea for a sci-fi, action movie,” I can imagine the conversation going. “Picture this: Adam Driver vs. Dinosaurs!” Let me stop you right there. SOLD! The trailer for ’65’ (2023), starring Adam Driver, dropped this week and it looks badass. You need to see this one …

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‘PREY FOR THE DEVIL’ (2022) Available On Digital Now – 4K, Blu-Ray, DVD, Coming Soon!

Prey For The Devil (2022)

Lionsgate sends word that PREY FOR THE DEVIL (2022) is available now to own on digital platforms (like VUDU) and will be available soon on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD. Check out the trailer below, then read on for the details! PREY FOR THE DEVIL (2022) Synopsis Sister Ann believes she …

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Lionsgate’s Suspense Thriller ‘ALICE, DARLING’ (2022) Hits Theaters Soon


Lionsgate was kind enough to send us the trailer for their all-new, suspense thriller, starring Anna Kendrick: ALICE, DARLING (2022). It looks intense! The film is coming to theaters soon and you’re going to want to check it out. Watch the trailer below, then read on for the details! ALICE, …

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‘ANGELS FALLEN: WARRIORS OF PEACE’ (2023) Teaser Trailer Revealed


ANGELS FALLEN: WARRIORS OF PEACE is a new horror film, starring Denise Richards, coming your way from the folks at Uncork’d Entertainment. We’ve got the first trailer for you right here. Check it out, then read on for the details! From The Uncork’d Entertainment Press Release Los Angeles, CA – …

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Christmas Horror: ‘NUTCRACKER MASSACRE’ (2022) Is Streaming Now!


Nutcrackers have always been creepy, amirite? I’m surprised it’s taken this long to turn a nutcracker murderous on film. But better late than never, right? I’m talking about NUTCRACKER MASSACRE (2022), an all-new, Christmas horror film, featuring a killer cracker of nuts…possessed by a long-dead German soldier? What now? Check …

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‘NIGHT OF THE BASTARD’ (2023) Coming To Select Theaters, Digital and On Demand

Festival fan favorite, NIGHT OF THE BASTARD (2023), is coming soon to select theaters and on demand. The cultist siege film is Dark Sky Films’ take on the 70’s action thriller. We’ve got the trailer and all the details for you here! Check out the trailer below, then read on …

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