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Coming Soon to Digital and On Demand: ‘THE CREEPING’ (2023)

The Creeping (2023)

A new horror film: The Creeping is coming soon to Digital and On Demand from Dark Sky Films and director Jamie Hooper. The film stars Riann Steele (Lovesick – TV Series) and Jane Lowe (Casualty – TV Series). The Creeping (2023) Synopsis Due to a traumatic childhood experience Anna hasn’t …

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Coming Soon to Theaters, Digital, and On Demand: ‘SUPERCELL’


Coming soon to theaters, digital, and On Demand from Saban Films and director Herbert James Winterstern (Siberia – TV Series) is a new adventure film: Supercell. The film stars Skeet Ulrich (Scream), Anne Heche (I Know What You Did Last Summer), and Daniel Diemer (The Half of It). Supercell (2023) …

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Trailer Drops for Jared Masters’ New Film ‘THE NIGHTGOWN’ (2023)

The Nightgown

The official trailer has dropped for director Jared Masters (Roller Junkies!) new horror film: The Nightgown. The film stars Dawna Lee Heising (Ballet of Blood), Kelley Poling (Velocity), and Kate Ly Johnston (Xanadu Hellfire). The Nightgown (2023) Synopsis In 1976 three curious schoolgirls set out to unravel the mystery of …

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Survival Horror Film, ‘HUNT HER KILL HER’ (2023) Gets Official Trailer

Hunt Her, Kill Her (2023)

Welcome Villain Films sends recently acquired the festival horror hit, HUNT HER, KILL HER (originally titled NIGHT SHIFT). The folks at Welcome Villain dropped the first trailer for the film this week! Looks intense! Check it out! HUNT HER, KILL HER (2023) Synopsis HUNT HER, KILL HER follows a lone …

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Coming Soon to Select Theaters and On Demand: ‘STALKER’ (2022)

Stalker (2022)

Coming soon to select theaters and On Demand from Gravitas Ventures and director Steve Johnson (Convergence) is a new thriller: Stalker. The film stars Sophie Skelton (Outlander – TV Series), Stuart Brennan (The Reverend), and Bret Hart (The Demented). Stalker (2022) Synopsis Left with no phone signal as a storm …

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Terror Films Digs Up Fresh Thrills This March With ‘THE BURIAL’ (2021)

The Burial (2021)

Coming soon to digital platforms from Terror Films and director Michael Escalante (To Raise Hell) is a new horror film: The Burial. The film stars Aaron Pyle (Karma Bums), Faith Kearns (Dreamer), and Vernon Taylor (Halloweeners). The Burial (2021) Synopsis When MOLLY’s boyfriend gets a phone call from his estranged …

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Stephen King’s ‘THE BOOGEYMAN’ (2023) Official Trailer and Poster Revealed

The Boogeyman (2023)

The Boogeyman is one of my favorite Stephen King short stories. It comes from Night Shift, which is also probably my favorite King short story collection. I was disappointed in the 2005 film (which somehow spawned multiple sequels) and was hopeful that someday the story would get a proper cinematic …

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Coming Soon to Theaters: Horror Comedy ‘SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS’ (2022)

She Came From The Woods (2022)

Coming soon to select theaters from director Erik Bloomquist (Ten Minutes to Midnight) is a new horror/comedy: She Came from the Woods. She Came From The Woods (2022) Synopsis In this ode to ’80s horror, a group of counselors accidentally unleash a decades’ old evil on the last night of …

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Coming Soon To DVD and Digital: ‘MEDUSA’S VENOM’ (2023)

Medusa's Venom (2023)

Coming soon in the US and Canada on DVD and Digital from director Chase Martins in a new horror film: Medusa’s Venom. The film stars May Kelly (Curse of Humpty Dumpty 2), Becca Hirani (Fox Trap), and Sarah T. Cohen (The Killing Tree). Medusa’s Venom Synopsis Medusa’s Venom tells the …

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Coming Soon to Digital: ‘FREE TO A BAD HOME’ (2023)

Free To A Bad Home

Coming soon to Digital from Terror Films and directors Scott and Kameron Hale (Entropy) is a new horror anthol0gy: Free to a Bad Home. The film stars Miranda Nieman (Entropy), Hayley Sunshine (Black Wolf), and Jake C. Young (Reunion From Hell 2). Free To A Bad Home (2023) Synopsis In …

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