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#FromJennifer (2017) – Movie Review

A few months ago, we told you about the upcoming indie film #FromJennifer. a black comedy shot entirely on GoPro cameras. Although they’re not related story wise, #FromJennifer is the third film in the Jennifer series, following To Jennifer (2013) and 2 Jennifer (2016). This one stars some pretty familiar faces. …

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2 Jennifer (2016) A Love Letter To Jennifer

One of the most famously asked questions among horror fans when it comes to sequels is “Do I need to see the original one first in order to understand the follow up?” When it comes to the 2016 film 2 Jennifer, the sequel of To Jennifer (2013), the answer is a …

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Indie Horror #FromJennifer Stars Some Familiar Faces

See anyone you recognize in the trailer for the new indie horror flick #FromJennifer? I, for one, was totally pumped when I realized that both Derek Mears (Jason from the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot) and Tony Todd (the one and only Candyman) were starring in director Frank Merle’s (Carnage on …

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