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Mahal Empire Release: Adam Werth’s ‘BERMUDA ISLAND’ (2023) – Film Review

Bermuda Island

I grew up in a generation that feared three things: Quicksand, leeches, and the Bermuda Triangle. I never really thought that past the Triangle there was an island. Bermuda Island is the latest Mahal Empire adventure. An intriguing title that definitely caught my attention. To be honest, after reviewing both …

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Matt Leal’s ‘ShadowMarsh’ (2022) Movie Review

When I saw the list of names associated with Matt Leal’s film, Shadowmarsh, I knew I had to check it out. Synopsis: When Jacob and his niece Piper are forced to move back to their old home, they slowly uncover the truth that the town has an ancient evil lurking …

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Dustin Ferguson’s ‘The Beast Beneath’ (2020) – Movie Review

We at PopHorror are no strangers to the moviemaking whims of Filmmaker Dustin Ferguson. We’ve reviewed Moon Of The Blood Beast (2019), Frames Of Fear 3 (2020), Mondo Shock (2017), Amityville: Evil Never Dies (2017), Demonoids (2017), and Meathook Massacre (2017), and we’ve brought you news for Stale Popcorn And …

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Jamie Robert MacDougall’s ‘Toilet Zombie Baby Strikes Back’ (2021) – No Budget Filmmaking At Its Finest – Movie Review

Yes, you read that right. The name of this movie is Toilet Zombie Baby Strikes Back. And it’s just as glorious as you imagine. Jamie Robert MacDougall’s raunchy horror comedy is a no-budget project that was filmed during the apocalypse… er, I mean pandemic. Many of the actors shot the …

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Remy St. Paul’s ‘Crave: Roots of Evil’ Is Almost Here!

Remy St. Paul, director of such films as Blood Sombrero and Deadfall: Ground Zero, is almost finished with the project he is calling his “masterpiece” and the “most epic sci-fi horror comedy of all time”: Crave: Roots of Evil. The film stars Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Cortney Palm (Zombeavers), Billy …

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Coming Soon to Digital: Fernando Acevedo’s ‘The Devils Heist’

Coming soon to digital is a new horror film called The Devil’s Heist, directed by Fernando Acevedo (The Little Clown). The film stars Mike Ferguson (Nowhere to Run), Sheri Davis (Killer Rose), Angelica Ayon, Devin Caldarone (Ex No More), and Daniel Mendez Campos. It will be available on December 8, …

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New Horror Anthology, ‘Tales From The Campfire 3’ (2020), Now Available On DVD

Available now on DVD from director Dustin Ferguson (Mondo Shark 2017 – read our review here) is a new horror anthology called Tales From the Campfire 3 (2020). The film stars Mel Novak (Game Of Death 1978), Noel Jason Scott (Blade the Iron Cross 2020), Shawn C. Phillips (The Bungfodders …

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New Poster Released For Michael S. Rodriguez’s ‘Lake Of Shadows’ (2019)

A new poster has been released for Lake of Shadows (a.k.a. Lake of Shadows: The Legend of Avocado Lake), the upcoming horror film directed by Michael S. Rodriguez (Last American Horror Show 2018). The film stars D.T. Carney (Camp Terror 2020), Geovonna Casanova (Night Mistress 2019), Sheri Davis (upcoming Killer …

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‘Episode 3.4: Malvolia’s Halloween Party’ (2019) Review: Trick or Treat?


I’m a little behind on my Halloween festivities this year, but one of my favorite traditions is watching Malvolia devour her victims. Episode 3.4: Malvolia’s Halloween Party is her newest event and it’s possibly one of her best parties yet. Oodles of blood and delightful screams. Malvolia’s Halloween Party was …

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Sci-Fi Comedy ‘Crave: Roots Of Evil Coming’ Soon!

‘Crave: Roots Of Evil Coming

Remy St. Paul, director of such films as Blood Sombrero and Deadfall: Ground Zero, is excited to make what he is calling his “masterpiece” and the “most epic sci-fi horror-comedy of all time”: Crave: Roots of Evil. The film stars Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Cortney Palm (Zombeavers), Billy Blair (Machete), …

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