Break The Bonds: ‘Threshold’ (2020) Movie Review

Threshold is an upcoming horror film directed by (Bastard’s (2015 – read our review here) Patrick R. Young and Powell Robinson. The film stars Joey Millin (Parker And The Crew 2016) and Madison West (Jurassic Galaxy 2018). The film is making its North American debut on October 2, 2020 at the Salem Horror Fest.

Threshold centers around brother, Leo (Millin), and sister, Virginia (West). Virginia claims to be cursed by someone … or something. Leo is skeptical due to her past drug use; however, he believes her. She says they must find the person she shares the curse with. Leo makes a deal with his sister: if there is nothing at their final stop, she has to go to rehab immediately. The two embark on a journey, and along the way, some incredibly weird, unexplainable stuff happens. But nothing can match the ending … such a totally twisted ending.

Watching Threshold gave me a false sense of security, mostly when Leo and Virginia were rekindling their relationship. The quiet moments work well in this film and make it feel as if I was there with the characters.

I really enjoyed the dialogue, even though the entire movie was pretty much unscripted. According to director Patrick R. Young, the film had a 20 page outline. No script.” An impressive feat for an indie horror flick. Something even more remarkable is that the film was shot on only two iPhones within a matter of 12 days.

The connection and sorrow I felt for both Leo and Virginia was immense. You can tell they’ve missed each other. The way they relive past memories from their youth is very relatable. However, there are some  moments in the film that are less somber, which gives it a great sense of realism.

It’s clear  all the hard work that went into making Threshold. A landmark in independent horror, this film works in all aspects of the genre. Check out Threshold, which makes its North American debut at The Salem Horror Fest on October 2nd.

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