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Happy Birthday To ‘The Pope Of Pop Cinema’ Roger Corman – Looking Back On The Over 7 Decades Of His Career

Roger Corman

If you search Roger Corman, you will find over 400 filmmaking credits to his name. The man is one of, if not the most, prolific film producers ever. He has earned such nicknames as The King of the Cult Film, The King of the Bs, and The Pope of Pop …

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‘Piranha’ (1978) Still Has Bite 40 Years Later

Forty years ago this month, Piranha was gracing cinema screens, playing to audiences hungry for anything that would bring them even remotely close to the aquatic anxieties they got from Jaws three years earlier. So Piranha was, in its most elemental form, a cash-in film. That’s usually a derogatory term, but that’s …

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PopHorror’s Top Ten Fourth of July Film Picks

After a bit of research, it appears as though the world lacks horror films that are specifically geared toward America’s Independence Day. Since most of the writers from PopHorror live in the US, we all wracked our brains and found some films you might want to check out this Fourth …

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Horror Movies Coming To and Leaving Netflix in November 2017

It’s about that time when we say goodbye to some of the horror movies on Netflix but also get to celebrate the ones coming out in the following month. Below is a list of everything coming and leaving Netflix in November 2017. Arriving November 1st Casper (1995) Directed by Brad Silberling Official …

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‘Piranha II: The Spawning’ Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Announced!

Piranha II

James Cameron has been busy lately. When he’s not talking smack about Wonder Woman, he’s been working on the first of FOUR Avatar sequels set to release between 2020 and 2025. I bet he’s forgotten all about his humble beginnings. Lucky for us, Scream Factory hasn’t forgotten. Look what’s swimming to …

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Man vs Nature: 10 Crazy Natural Horror Films!

Natural horror films have been a popular subgenre in horror, dating all the way back to the 1920s with the first movie adaptation of Herman Melville’s MobyDick. Since that time, we have seen the likes of killer plants, insects, fish, reptiles, and just about everything else that exists in nature. …

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