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‘Never Hike In The Snow’ Trailer Smashes Viewership and Fundraising Goals

It all started back in 2017 with the Friday the 13th fan film Never Hike Alone (read our review here). Vincente DiSanti’s ode to Jason Voorhees was a big hit! DiSanti’s upcoming follow up, Never Hike In The Snow, released its first trailer recently (you can read all about that …

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‘Never Hike In The Snow’ Trailer Is Here

Never Hike in the Snow

Back on October 13, 2017, Womp Stomp Films took us back to our beloved Camp Crystal Lake with a tremendously successful Friday the 13th fan made film called Never Hike Alone (read our review here) from Filmmaker Vincente DiSanti. I know that I am not alone in feeling that it …

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‘Friday the 13th’ Parts 1 – 8 Now Available To Stream

Friday the13th Parts 1 - 8

Friday the 13th fans, rejoice! The first 8 films in the venerable horror franchise are now available to stream, just in time for Friday the… 14th. Damn. So close! Read on for all the details!   Friday The 13th Returns It feels like it’s been forever since we last celebrated …

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By Popular Demand: ‘Never Hike Alone’ – 2nd Edition Blu Ray Release

Never Hike Alone

Although Never Hike Alone (read our review – here) is a Friday the 13th fan film, if you ask me and many others, it is one of the BEST films in the “franchise”. The film is incredibly well done and reminds all of us horror fans on why we fell …

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Innovation Fan Film ‘Halloween: The Face of Michael Myers’ Launches Campaign and Short!

Halloween: The Face of Michael Myers

Marking 40th Anniversary of Iconic Halloween Franchise, Filmmakers Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Innovative Fan Film Halloween: The Face of Michael Myers! What is the true nature of Michael Myers? Hawthorne House Films and filmmaker Stephen Wolfe bring a fresh take on the classic white-faced antagonist of the Halloween franchise in …

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Flashback Friday! -‘Friday the 13th’ Edition!

It’s Friday. More specifically, it’s Friday the 13th and sadly we won’t be seeing another Friday the 13th until next year. I decided to keep it simple this Flashback Friday and take a look at Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise. I am a Michael Myers girl all …

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‘Halloween’ Fan Film ‘The Spirit of Haddonfield’ Unveiled

The Spirit of Haddonfield

“Death has come to your little town, Sheriff!” was the warning from Dr. Sam Loomis to Sheriff Brackett in John Carpenter’s Halloween. The town was Haddonfield, and Death is returning soon. The Shape, Michael Myers, is back in Rene Rivas’s upcoming fan film: The Spirit of Haddonfield! Check out their …

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Karli’s 365 Horror Movie Challenge – Week 2

We’ve finally reached Week 2 of my 365 Horror Movie Challenge! To start at the beginning of the challenge, click here. Unfortunately, they weren’t all winners this week, but they were all interesting nonetheless. Check out this week’s choices below! January 8th – Let The Right One In (Synopsis provided …

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‘Horror Hall of Fame’ Brought Back By Geeks of The Industry

For the past five years, the guys over at Geeks of the Industry have been creating and uploading podcasts relating to fabulously geeky stuff from all across the spectrum – from wrestling to the Grateful Dead to cult classics to comic books to celebrity interviews to the subject of podcast …

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