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Producer Mem Ferda Of Filmcore UK Focuses On The Fear Of The Unknown With His Latest Road Trip Thriller, ‘The Fearway’

The Fearway

Road trip thriller THE FEARWAY (2022) hits digital platforms on Tuesday, February 7, 2023! Check it out! From THE FEARWAY (2022) Press Release THE FEARWAY (2022) is the latest Road Trip Thriller by Producer Mem Ferda of Filmcore UK. The captivating film follows a young couple as they set off …

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Coming Soon: Producer Mem Ferda’s ‘Deinfluencer’

Coming soon from producer Mem Ferda and director Jamie Bailey (This Was America) comes the new horror film, Deinfluencer. The film stars Simon Phillips (Panama), Anne-Carolyn Binnette (Butchers), Caylin Turner (The Things That Shape Us), and Marie Lucinani-Grimaldi (Dimanche). Synopsis: A cheerleader is imprisoned and made to jump through social …

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Michael Su’s ‘Bloodthirst’ Being Called 2021’s Must-See Vampire Horror

Indie blockbuster Bloodthirst, Executively Produced by Mem Ferda, is a flawless amalgamation of science fiction and quintessential horror against a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Protagonist John Shepard (Costas Mandylor) is a seasoned vampire hunter faced with the arduous task of defeating the master vampire to prevent his impending transformation into the undead. …

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