Michael Su’s ‘Bloodthirst’ Being Called 2021’s Must-See Vampire Horror

Indie blockbuster Bloodthirst, Executively Produced by Mem Ferda, is a flawless amalgamation of science fiction and quintessential horror against a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Protagonist John Shepard (Costas Mandylor) is a seasoned vampire hunter faced with the arduous task of defeating the master vampire to prevent his impending transformation into the undead.

Prolific Director Michael Su (Night of the Tommyknockers, Bridge of the Doomed, Death Count) adds Bloodthirst (read our review of the film here) to his long list of indie horror titles. Production companies Mahal Empire (read our interview with Michael and Sonny Mahal here) and Blaen-Y-Bootleg Films pull together a top-notch cast featuring the likes of Tara Reid (Sharknado franchise), Costas Mandylor (Saw IV 2008), Robert LaSardo (Nightblade 2016 – read our review here), and Blind’s Sarah French (read our interview with her here). Shot against Nevada’s barren, lifeless landscape, the scene is set for the perfect post-societal nightmare to ensue.

At present, the concept poster is the only glimpse we have into the wicked world of Bloodthirst; however, fans can look forward to the impending trailer. A release date is yet to be confirmed as the title is currently in post-production.


In a post apocalyptic world run by vampires, only the strong survive. John Shepard, Vampire Hunter, is one of them. John has to track down and eliminate the master vampire before he himself gets turned.

Release Date: TBA.
Director: Michael Su.
Writers: Massimiliano Cerchi, Adrian Milnes.
Executive Producers: Mem Ferda, Scott Atkins, Jagtar Bains et. al.
Cast: Tara Reid, Robert LaSardo, Costas Mandylor, Elissa Dowling and Sarah French.

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