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Norman Reedus Releases New ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ Photography Book

Portraits From The Woods

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is quite the photographer. Reedus’s camera work is on full display in his new photography book, Portrait From The Woods! This 144 page tome chronicles a striking visual history of AMC’s popular zombie show. Proceeds benefit COVID-19 relief! Read on for all the details! …

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Kojima Productions’ ‘Death Stranding’ (2019) Video Game Review

Death Stranding has been out for a months now, and it has had some negativity attached to it, with some reviewers saying it’s a glorified walking simulator. To them I say (*cue British accent*), “Poppycock!” and also yes, they may be slightly right. From IGN: The Death Stranding was a cataclysmic event …

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Watch ‘PT’ (AKA ‘Silent Hills’) on the Big Screen!

Remember when there was this awesome playable demo of what was later announced as Silent Hills? That demo was called PT, which stood for Playable Teaser, and it was absolutely terrifying. Now, there is a chance to see a one time screening of a playthrough of PT on the big …

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E3 2018: Gameplay Trailer For ‘Death Stranding’ Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Death Stranding might be the most confusing and interesting thing in the world of gaming right now. No one is sure what it is, Hideo Kojima has been quiet on what’s going on, and the trailers we’ve been shown just leave us with more questions than answers. The gameplay shown at …

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