Dale Fabrigar’s ‘Reed’s Point’ (2022) The Devil Is Real And Is Going To Get You – Movie Review

I have known about the folklore of the Jersey Devil since I was a kid. Like any weird kid, I grew up watching Scariest Places on Earth, and the show did a feature on the New Jersey cryptid. Now it’s the main focus of the new film, Reed’s Point, from Uncork’d Entertainment. Travel with me to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and keep your eyes to the sky to see the Jersey Devil.


A psychological-thriller/creature-feature that tells of Sarah and Alex, two survivors of an RV crash near the New Jersey Pine Barrens. On the anniversary of the accident, Sarah and Alex drive to Reed’s Point to investigate the crash site. Things go downhill quickly as they find themselves stuck in the woods unsure of who they can trust and questioning if monsters really do exist.

The film is directed by Dale Fabrigar (D-Railed) from a script by Tricia Aurand (Triangle), Suzanne DeLaurentiis (D-Railed), and Sandy Lo. The cast includes Sasha Anne, Julia Kelly, Evan Adams, Madison Ekstrand, Anthony Jensen, Joseph Almani, and Lanett Tachel.


The Jersey Devil is something out of a nightmare, and the Reed Point writers really capture the true story of the creature, doing a good job of connecting that lore into the film. The director and writers definitely know their lore, and this is seen in the film. I like the film because of this knowledge and the creation of the creature, but I do feel something is lacking. A lot of the secondary cast have some experience in horror thrillers, however, some of the main stars are lacking that experience. The dialogue can be clunky at times. Connections between characters is awkward at times.

I like the twist at the end. I thought I knew where the film was going until it turned. Reed’s Point is definitely a must watch for anyone who wants to watch a creature flick about the Jersey Devil. Reed’s Point will be out on DVD and VOD on April 12th. Will you venture into the devil’s domain?

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