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Terror Films, Cyfuno Ventures Ink International Distribution Deal

Terror Films

Great news, horror fans! Terror Films has teamed up with Cyfuno Ventures to release four indie horror films internationally. Each of the films has been released domestically by various distributors. Now they’re heading to digital formats in multiple countries, including the U.K., Ireland, Asia, Africa and many others. Awesome! So, …

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PopHorror’s 8 Favorite Actresses in Indie Horror

[tps_header]PopHorror’s 8 Favorite Actresses in Indie Horror [/tps_header] It’s officially Women in Horror Month, baby! To kick things off why not start with some of the beautiful, incredibly talented actresses in indie horror. These 8 women kick ass and dominate the screen whenever we are graced with their presence! This list …

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Hell Town (2015) The “I Want To Become A Hellion” Review!

In the mood for a fun whodunit mock-style soap opera black horror comedy? Well, look no further, Hell Town is exactly what you need on your must watch list. Let me break it down and tell you why you should become an immediate Hellion! Written and directed by Steve Balderson …

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