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‘The Wraith’ (1986) Coming To Vestron Collector’s Series Blu-ray

Vestron sends word the next release in their Vestron Collector’s Series will be none other than The Wraith (1986). This iconic early Charlie Sheen vehicle features a top notch cast, great production design and awesome car chases. A true sci-fi/horror gem from the 1980s! Check out the trailer below, then …

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Frolic Pictures Releases Huge Post Apocalyptic DVD Lineup

Frolic Grindhouse Double Features

Locked up? Social distancing? Bored out of your skull? Here’s Frolic Pictures to the rescue! They’re back with a truckload of all new double DVDs for your guilty viewing pleasure. This latest run features post apocalyptic B-movie gold, featuring lots of big name stars before they were famous. You’re going …

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Anti-Bullying Documentary, #NoJoke, Hits OnDemand Soon

Coming soon is a documentary called #NoJoke that will show what happens when superstars band together to make an anti-bullying song. The film is directed by Manfred Becker (Satan Lives 2014) and stars Michael Biehn, Charlie Sheen, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Stewart, Meat Loaf, and Ozzy Osbourne. #NoJoke will be available on …

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‘American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore’ (2014) Movie Review

When I first unknowingly stumbled into the Unearthed Films’ American Guinea Pig series, it was with Stephen Biro’s possession feature, Song of Solomon (read our review here). The gruesome practical effects matching Jessica Cameron’s devilish performance along with that infamous vomit scene made this feature an instant indie hit. How much …

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‘Bad CGI Sharks’ Will Deliver Exactly What It Promises

Who says there’s no truth in advertising? You’re gonna need a bigger Goofy Meter to measure Bad CGI Sharks, the new indie horror comedy that asks the crucial question: “Do we need another wacky shark movie?” After viewing the trailer and other promotional materials, I can answer with a resounding, …

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