Satanic Panic

Blu-Ray Review (2019) ‘Satanic Panic’ is Horror Comedy Perfection

I’ve seen a lot of kickass horror movies this year, but after giving Satanic Panic a second viewing, I must say… it’s leaning towards making my number one favorite film of 2019. Everything about it is utterly fantastic and the Blu-ray is well worth every penny.

Satanic Panic

This blood-drenched horror film was written by popular horror author, Grady Hendrix (“We Sold Our Souls,” “My Best Friend’s Exorcism”), and directed by up-and-coming director Chelsea Stardust (Into The Dark’s All That We Destroy). It stars Hayley Griffith (The Loudest Voice, The Mysteries of Laura), Ruby Modine (Shameless, Happy Death Day franchise), Rebecca Romijn (X-Men franchise, Star Trek: Discovery), Arden Myrin (Insatiable, Shameless) and Jerry O’Connell (Stand By Me, Billions).

Synopsis for Satanic Panic

Sam’s (Griffith) first day as a pizza delivery driver is not going according to plan. At the end of a long day and not enough tips, her last delivery turns out to be for a group of Satanists looking for someone to sacrifice. Now in a fight for her life, Sam must fend off witches, evil spells and demonic creatures, all while trying to keep her body – and soul – intact.

Satanic Panic

There’s nothing not to love about Satanic Panic. It’s the perfect mix of horror and comedy. Something horrible and bloody happens, but then just moments later, another scene happens that will make you laugh. The story is pure fucking mayhem but it’s also hilarious and heartwarming at times. It has a great cast and crew, with over 50 percent being women — grrl power, baby! That’s reason enough to watch this film if you ask me. And I can’t forget to mention the blood and gore. Satanic Panic doesn’t hold back on this at all and it’s quite sensational if you’re a horror ghoul like me.

The story itself is unique and special. Sam (Hayley Griffith) may seem like your average girl next door but she’s not. She’s a fighter and she’s gone through more shit than some will ever go through in a lifetime. And yet this is all before she, unfortunately, becomes the target of a coven. Then she must fight all over again but learn a few new lessons along the way and become stronger than she ever was before. It’s quite the journey mixed with mayhem and laughter along the way.

Satanic Panic

After reading and watching interviews about Hayley Griffith, I can see why the director just KNEW she was the perfect Sam. She has this sugary sweet and innocent personality about her that’s endearing and that’s exactly who Sam is… well, at least at first. I’ll admit that in the beginning, her naiveness irked me a bit, but the more you learn about her, the more you fall in love with her character. Hayley was phenomenal as Sam and her transformation throughout the film was exciting to watch. “A blue-collared badass, that doesn’t know when to stop.” Her friendship with Judy (Ruby Modine) is one of the best parts of the film. They’re total opposites but they mesh well and have a special yet unlikely connection. This is one of my favorite roles from Ruby Modine. She was badass, confident, and proved to be a good friend. Then there’s Rebecca Romijn, who was born to play the role of Danica Ross. She radiants with charisma, and power, and is a fucking goddess. All hail, Danica.

As an active member of the horror community and as a woman, I’m incredibly proud to have someone as talented as Chelsea Stardust directing horror films. She has a charismatic personality, great vision, and knows how to deliver one hell of a story. From all the interviews I’ve watched and read, the cast and crew were blown away by how she handled everything and how pleasant she was to work with. That’s always heartwarming to hear.

Satanic Panic

When I say this film didn’t hold back on the blood and gore, I’m not kidding. Horror and mayhem lurking around every corner. Blood, blood everywhere. Body parts being ripped out while the body is still warm, intestines being throw up, human voodoo dolls, and so on. The special effects are exceptional and gruesome.

The Satanic Panic DVD and Blu-Ray have some special bonus features including The Making of Satanic Panic, Sam & Judi, and Girl Power. All of these are much-watches and very insightful on how this masterpiece got made. I especially enjoyed the Girl Power piece, in which they talk about all the women involved in this project. Amazing!

Final Thoughts

Satanic Panic is one of those films that the more you watch, the more you fall in love with it. This film is flawless and delivers everything and more that we could want from a horror-comedy. It is now available on both DVD and Blu-Ray and the Holidays are upon us, so buy a copy or two. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

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