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Interview with Thomas Hamilton: Director of ‘Boris Karloff: The Man Behind The Monster’ (2021)

I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Thomas Hamilton, the director of Boris Karloff: The Man Behind The Monster (2021 – our review). We spoke about Karloff’s impact on the horror genre, how he affected the treatment of actors, and what kinds of roles Boris would shine in today. …

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How ‘The Terror In The Wax Museum’ (1976) Scared And Scarred Me Into Horror Writing

What’s In The Basement?  It was 1982 and I was just six-years-old the first time I saw him at the bottom of my basement stairs – his pale face set amongst black cloak, black suit, black hat and shiny silver knife. His lips were almost red and his grin was …

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‘The Elephant Man’ (1980): David Lynch’s Masterpiece Turns 40

The misunderstood monster is a theme storytellers have been fascinated with for generations. From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, these stories have often brought to light mankind’s tendency to quickly judge the unknown and have gifted us valuable lessons on perception versus reality. As …

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The Universal Monsters: A Look At The Monsters That Made Us—Part 1

Universal Studios gave birth to some of the greatest films of all time, from Jaws (1975 – read one of our writer’s thoughts on the film here) to Jurassic Park (1993). There is no denying their legacy and power in the film industry. However, Universal’s bread and butter has always …

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Happy Birthday… Friend: ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ (1935) Retro Review

“I love dead. Hate living,” are the tortured words spoken by Frankenstein’s monster in the timeless 1935 classic Bride of Frankenstein, which turns 85 on May 6, 2020. The legendary film was directed by James Whale (Frankenstein 1931, The Invisible Man 1933) and released by Universal in 1935, and depicts …

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Complete Universal Classic Monsters Collection Heading To Blu-ray!


Get your wallets ready! The Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30-Film Collection is heading to Blu-ray this summer! The film sets, previously released on DVD and organized by monster, are now available together in high definition. This 24 disc set looks awesome, and it’s loaded with special features. I hope you’ve …

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‘The Mummy’ Set to Lose $95 Million

the mummy

The Mummy has gotten a lot of hate from horror fans. Even before it hit theaters and purely based on the trailers, fans were already making up their minds on how bad the film would be. This is not one of those articles. Personal feelings aside, this information is based …

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‘Bride of Frankenstein’ is Next in the New Dark Universe Series

As most of you know, Universal has been planning on rebooting its series of classic monsters for the last couple years. They played around with the idea starting with Dracula Untold, but since that wasn’t too successful, everyone is leaning on next month’s highly anticipated reboot of The Mummy to start the new …

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