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Unsettling Real-Life Parallels in XYZ’s AI Drama, ‘THE ARTIFICE GIRL’

The Artifice Girl

ThouFuturistic Drama ‘The Artifice Girl‘ imagines a reality exceptionally close to ours. With all the advancements of artificial intelligence, and traipsing around in the Uncanny Valley, there are a lot of incredible and frightening possibilities. In ‘The Artifice Girl‘, the idea of AI crossing the line from a controlled program …

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Interview With Elena Kampouris, Star Of ‘Wifelike’

While Wifelike, the new film by James Bird (Honeyglue), isn’t really a horror film per se, it is pretty terrifying. A smart sci-fi thriller about the future where men can buy an AI companion/wife, the film reminds me of what we are all already afraid of, that women will no longer …

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