Herman Yau’s ‘The Untold Story’ (1993) – Movie Review

The latest in Unearthed Films Classics lineup is Herman Yau’s 1993 film, The Untold Story. Rarely does Hong Kong Category III cinema go hand in hand with the critically acclaimed, but here Yau (Shock Wave 2017) directs a film ripped from the headlines in his native country. Led by an award-winning performance courtesy of Anthony Wong (Ebola Syndrome 1996), The Untold Story has rightfully earned its rank among one of the most revered Cat III releases. For those unfamiliar with what exactly Category III films are, you can view them as the equivalent of an NC-17 rated flick here in the U.S. 

Madman and conman Wong Chi Hang (Anthony Wong) has lit another man on fire over a gambling debt, quickly demonstrating just what kind of person he really is. Nefariously taking over a small restaurant named The Eight Immortals, Wong establishes himself as a gruff, intimidating owner who can’t keep a staff while supplying the locals with delicious BBQ pork buns and a place to gamble after hours. But after some human limbs wash ashore nearby, Wong’s wrongdoings are about to catch up with him as an inept but ambitious police department consisting of a womanizing Chief Officer Lee (Danny Lee), lackluster investigators, and a bullied female cop begin to investigate.  

The Untold Story is a peculiar piece of filmmaking, a wild mix of irreverent comedy and egregious, extreme horror. The juxtaposition of laughs and loss of life in the light Yau chose may be a hard pill to swallow for some. Wong gets especially vicious and demeaning to his female employee, carving her cadaver and procuring her flesh for the tasty filling of his BBQ pork buns, and then pissing on his hands to wash the blood off. For those who come to this party for the kills, your patience is a virtue but will be rewarded, notably in the third act with a relentless, graphic slaughter of an entire family, all presented in pristine quality thanks to this Unearthed Films release.

The Untold Story is now available for pre-order through Unearthed Films, Diabolik, Grindhouse Video and Amazon (see the link below) and ships around October 13th. Also included for FREE with your purchase of this classic, is the full-length documentary, Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema by Callum Waddell. 

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