SIN (2016) – Horror Short by Deranged Minds Entertainment

In the last week, I’ve become addicted to the beautifully deranged minds and insanely graphic material behind Deranged Minds Entertainment. Although they’re just getting started, every single project they’ve put out thus far I’ve enjoyed immensely. SIN (2016) is no exception. 

Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff both directed and starred in SIN with a screenplay written by Tristan. It’s a fucked up story that makes my skin crawl and my stomach queasy. With a run-time of 7 minutes, it delivers on all aspects and will leave you wanting to take a hot shower.


The story revolves around a young woman (Orndoff) that is being tortured by a sadistic and psychotic religious man (Clay) who thinks he can force his beliefs upon her. But how far will he go?

In the opening scene, you see a woman strapped down to a wooden cross while eerie music is playing in the background along with a creepy sermon lashing out about sinners. Instantly, I got chills down my spine. I have to give props to Colin Lacativa for that sinister original score. Freaky religious films or scary cult stories always give me the heebie-jeebies. Why? Because horrible situations like this really happen.

As per usual, Tristan and Destinie know how to deliver a horror story as well as give excellent performances. I will say that I wanted to impale Tristan with a cross through his head (which head I won’t say) by the time the horror short was over, but only because he played a sadistic bastard superbly. Each time I watch Destinie she is becoming one of my new favorite Scream Queens.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this story is intense and brutal, but totally worth watching. Tristan Clay and Destinie have a brilliant way of bringing the horrors of real life into the horror genre and making us face those demons. It’s raw and gruesome material that attracts audiences because they can relate to it and want the villain to pay. Unlike some slasher films where we laugh more than we cringe. They’ve proved they can create this type of horror a few times now with their films Used and SIN. I have no doubt in mind they’re true horror fans and their love for the genre is far more than skin deep. Make sure to support them by checking out their facebook page and website. Watch SIN by clicking right “here and let us know what you think! Also, stay tuned for more news, reviews, and interviews coming soon.

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