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Lindsay Thomas Robinson’s ‘Central Dental’ Is A Scathing Commentary on the US Heathcare System – Movie Review

Ah, the dentist. As far as medical professionals go, this is the one that many people fear the most. But the fear is more that just the physical pain of having a tooth fixed… it also comes when you get presented with a massive bill. In America, if you have …

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Fantasia 2019 Review: Annual “Born of Woman” Shorts Block

The Hitchhiker - Born of Woman

I was so stoked when Fantasia 2019 announced their short block list, especially their annual Born of Woman shorts block. There is a plethora of fantastic shorts to explore with incredible talent behind each one. They may be short, but they pack a whole lotta bite! The Boogeywoman The Boogeywoman …

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Dan Wilder’s ‘Mercury Screams’ (2018) Horror Short Review

I absolutely love horror shorts. They’re like bite-sized chunks of terror that deliver a pitiless punch in just a fraction of the time a full length genre film. But, because of their short time frame, the filmmaker is usually limited as to what they can actually touch upon. However, in …

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FGBFF 2018 – ‘The Penny Dropped’ Short Film Review

How far would you go to for fame and success? Some will give everything even if it costs others their lives. Something like this happens in the recent horror short I watched called The Penny Dropped. Another amazing short from the Final Girls Berlin Festival. This intensely dark short was directed and …

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Steve Desmond’s ‘Monsters’ Shakes Up the Genre

The word “monster” can mean different things to different people. Some may consider supernatural beings to be pretty monstrous, while others may fear more mythological creatures. There are even people who think snakes, bees, strangers and clowns are out to get them. For 9-year-old Jenn in the horror short Monsters, …

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