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Interview with Tristan Clay: Pursuing a Passion at Just 21 Years Old

One thing that I personally love about the indie horror community is the support shown by fans, and the appreciation shown by filmmakers. The inclusivity of the community and the age of social media have inspired young horror fans to create films of their own. One such filmmaker is 21-year-old …

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Red Eye (2017) Is The Bloodthirsty Slasher You’ve Been Waiting For!

red eye

I’ve been a fan of Deranged Minds Entertainment for awhile now. With each project that Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff do, you can see their passion bleeding through. When I heard they were doing their first full-length feature called Red Eye, I wondered if it would live up to the rest …

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PopHorror’s 8 Favorite Actresses in Indie Horror

[tps_header]PopHorror’s 8 Favorite Actresses in Indie Horror [/tps_header] It’s officially Women in Horror Month, baby! To kick things off why not start with some of the beautiful, incredibly talented actresses in indie horror. These 8 women kick ass and dominate the screen whenever we are graced with their presence! This list …

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SIN (2016) – Horror Short by Deranged Minds Entertainment

In the last week, I’ve become addicted to the beautifully deranged minds and insanely graphic material behind Deranged Minds Entertainment. Although they’re just getting started, every single project they’ve put out thus far I’ve enjoyed immensely. SIN (2016) is no exception.  Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff both directed and starred …

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Used (2017) – A Beautifully Deranged Short Film

Just recently, a friend of mine recommended a few horror shorts to me. They were all from a production company called Deranged Minds Entertainment. After watching some of their material, “deranged” describes their work perfectly. One of the horror shorts I watched was Used (2017), and I just couldn’t let …

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