Movie Review: ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’ (2023) A Fun and Bloody Christmas Slasher

If you like holiday horror films with a fun twist, you’ll definitely want to check out the Christmas teen slasher, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. The film was directed and written by Stephen Allen Gutierrez and stars Drew Pipkin, Jaeden Riley Juarez, Katerina Sifuentes Rakosky, Michael Berryman, Rachel Schott, Patricia Vonne, and P.G. Marlar.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Official Synopsis for It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

This film tells the story of a hopeless romantic high schooler named Jeremy Adams who finally gets a date with the girl of his dreams, Amanda Lawton, just in time for the Christmas Winter Wonderland Dance at school. The only problem is, Amanda is kidnapped which jettisons Jeremy and his best friend Minka, who secretly has a crush on him, to save Amanda and the school from a ruthless serial killer who is hellbent on delivering the ultimate slay ride to the student body.

I really enjoyed It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. I’ve seen a plethora of Christmas horror films, but nothing quite like this. It’s very much a teen film, so don’t be expecting nudity or anything over the top. It centers more about trauma, your typical high school bullying, and a Santa slayer on the loose. But don’t worry, the winter wonderland becomes a bloody mess and there’s some great kills too. The twist was the best part, I know I definitely didn’t see it coming.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Unlike some teen films, there are some likeable characters in It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. Jeremy Adams played by Drew Pipkin was wholesome from beginning to end and I loved his character development. Minka Romero played by Jaeden Riley Juarez was equally wholesome but when time came to kickass she did. The bullies in the film are your typical assholes and the ones you hope all get what’s coming to them… sooner than later. It was also a special treat to see Michael Berryman in this. He never disappoints.

The overall production was well done. Quality shots and smooth cinematography. Some of the canned sound effects made me giggle, but it worked perfectly for the vibe of this film. The performances were great, nothing over the top, but just the melodramatic dialogue that one would expect from high school students.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear was released on January 22nd, 2023 and it’s one I would watch again and recommend to others. I give it a 3.7 out 5 stars!

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