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Movie Review: ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’ (2023) A Fun and Bloody Christmas Slasher

If you like holiday horror films with a fun twist, you’ll definitely want to check out the Christmas teen slasher, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. The film was directed and written by Stephen Allen Gutierrez and stars Drew Pipkin, Jaeden Riley Juarez, Katerina Sifuentes Rakosky, Michael Berryman, Rachel Schott, …

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Screamfest 2020 Review: ‘Init!ation’ is A Killer Good Time!


I’m stoked to help cover Screamfest 2020 this year. First up on my list is the new slasher, Init!ation. You can rarely go wrong with a bloody slasher, so I had high hopes for this one! This film was directed by John Berardo as well as written by himself, Lindsay LaVanchy, …

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Check Out the First Trailer for ‘The New Mutants,’ A Superhero Horror Film

I grew up reading comics and I always loved the X-Men. The X-Men film franchise has been very hit-and-miss with me over the years (more miss than hit). The recent X-Men related films have been better, though. Logan and Deadpool upped my confidence in Fox’s ability to create entertaining and moving superhero …

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