‘M.F.A.’ (2017 Movie Review): Mastering the Art of Revenge!

I love a good revenge film. They are exhilarating and empowering and even though they often involve horrible things, you can’t help but stay glued to the screen. I didn’t know much about M.F.A. before reviewing it, but everyone was raving about it, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Did it live up to its hype?

M.F.A. is directed by Natalia Leite (Bare 2015) and written by Leah McKendrick (Bad Moms 2016). The film stars Final Girl’s (2015) Francesca Eastwood, Leah McKendrick, Peter Vack (Bully 2006), Clifton Collins Jr. (Star Trek 2009), Michael Welch (Joan of Arcadia TV series), and more.

Synopsis for M.F.A.

An art student, Noelle (Eastwood), taps into a rich source of creative inspiration after the accidental slaughter of her rapist. An unlikely vigilante emerges, set out to avenge college girls whose attackers walked free.

This is one of the best revenge flicks I’ve seen in awhile. Beautiful, intense, and a horrifyingly accurate reflection of our society. The visuals are stunning, the performances are outstanding, and the story is captivating.

M.F.A. is surrounded by art. Everything from Noelle’s passion to the title of the film bleeds creativity, virtuosity, and finesse. There is a fervor to the film, a passion that links the characters to the artistry like a surreal, colorful thread woven throughout, tying them all together. The beauty of the art itself tells its own tale alongside Noelle’s, keeping pace with her retaliatory story arc, enhancing it while at the same time, shifting into its own audiovisual narration.

All of the performances were exceptional, but Francesca Eastwood steals the mother fucking show. Eastwood has inherited her talent and beauty from her parents in a big way. Her transformation throughout the film is empowering and horrifying as she takes the law into her own hands in the most satisfying yet brutal way. As a viewer, you can feel her rage and pain and you, too, become enraged – palms sweaty and at the edge of your seat.

The story is incredibly relevant right now with big names in Hollywood getting released every day as sexual predators. This film shows how easy it is for people, even the ones we trust, to look the other way when it comes to sexual abuse of any kind. It also sheds lights on how hopeless and angry the victims can feel as well as what the rage can do someone. Just like many who will watch this film, I can relate to it all too well, and felt many emotions throughout it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, M.F.A. is not only one of the best revenge films I’ve seen this year but makes my top 10 as well. Everything about it will crush you. However, just like the lead character, you find the strength to carry on and watch her kickass and take names left and right. Rent it on Amazon – you won’t be disappointed!

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