Fantasia Fest 2021 Review: Rasmus Merivoo’s ‘Kratt’ Is A Dark Comedy That’s Perfect For The Whole Family

The Fantasia International Film Festival delivered a variety of unique stories including the horror-comedy, Kratt. This film was directed and written by Rasmus Merivoo. It’s an Estonian exotic mix of horror and family film that stars Mari Lill, Nora Merivoo, Harri Merivoo, Elise Tekko, Roland Treima, and Ivo Uukkivi.


Synopsis for Kratt

Children are left at grandma’s house without their smartphones. Real life seems boring until they find instructions for KRATT – a magical creature who will do whatever its master says. All they need now is to buy a soul from the devil.


I enjoyed everything about Kratt. It’s very different from anything I’ve seen before, but had the perfect mix of horror and comedy and a great choice for the whole family to watch. In many ways, it reminds me of Goosebumps; fun, quirky, cheesy, and a little spooky. A bunch of kids learn about a magical creature and although it seems like a cool idea first, they soon realize KRATT is way more responsibility than they could have ever imagined.

All of the performances are great and quite comical. The story behind KRATT is pretty cool. I love how they bring “it” to life and all the special effects and makeup that went into creating this magical creature. It reminds me of my childhood when we relied on our imagination to create things and not glued to our phones.


Overall I highly recommend checking out Kratt, especially if you love comedy with your horror. It’s wholesome yet spooky and you will in love with the characters!

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