Martin Kraut

Interview with Martin Kraut, Director of the Psychological Thriller ‘The Dose’

Check out our interview with Martin Kraut, the fantastic director behind the new psychological thriller, La Dosis/The Dose. Learn about how he got involved with filmmaking, his favorite horror films, the inspiration behind this film, and much more!

Martin Kraut

PopHorror – Hey Martin. Thank you for chatting with me. How has 2021 been treating you so far?

Martin Kraut – It is not an easy year, as it happens all over the planet, but I feel that we are finally coming out of the pandemic. I am very happy with the path that my film The Dose continues to take all over the world. Here in Argentina work in the audiovisual field is flourishing and reborn. Meanwhile, I write and develop new projects.

PopHorror – That’s good to hear. What inspired you to get involved in the filmmaking business?

Martin Kraut – Since I was a child I had the urge to tell stories. I always liked to write. At the same time, I was very attracted to images. When I was finishing my high school years, I felt that the cinema united those passions: the images with the stories. So I decided to study cinema.

PopHorror – Please, tell us about your new psychological thriller La Dosis aka The Dose.

Martin Kraut – The Dose is a thriller but also a film about a character, Marcos, who spends night after night working in the intensive care unit of a hospital. That is his kingdom. When some patient reaches an extreme situation he sometimes tries to save them and sometimes helps them to die. However, the arrival of another nurse, the charming Gabriel, will put Marcos’ safety and integrity at risk. I am interested in the idea of telling the life of a nurse: in general, hospital stories focus on doctors. On the other hand, that someone can decide on the life and death of others in a situation of such vulnerability seemed interesting to me. The film tells the story of two characters who seem to be on the other side of the other.

PopHorror – This is your first big feature film, how does that feel?

Martin Kraut – Awesome! I confess that I sleep better since I directed my first film. In Argentina, although there is an important film industry and a national institute that promotes production, it is very difficult to film, even more so to debut with a first feature film. So I feel very happy, but not only for having done it: also for the fact that the process left me with great learnings and experiences.

PopHorror – As you should! =) What was the inspiration behind The Dose?

Martin Kraut

Martin Kraut – The script for The Dose was inspired by real events that happened in Uruguay in 2012: two nurses were accused of killing patients. One out of mercy … the other, for unclear reasons. That was my starting point. Eventually, the case was not resolved and that allowed me to go my own way with the script and write the story that I wanted. So I continued for several years until 2019 when we began shooting.

PopHorror – Oh wow. That’s both scary and cool. How did the casting process come about?

Martin Kraut – I wanted to have an actor whose physical power was outstanding. He also had to convey seriousness and tenderness. Carlos Portaluppi is very well known in our country and besides being a great actor he is a great person. He was quickly drawn to the proposal. Then we had to find someone who was the opposite of him for the role of Gabriel: seemingly fragile, likable. Ignacio Rogers was the perfect solution and I think they both generated great chemistry.

PopHorror – They were wonderful. Any favorite scenes?

Martin Kraut – I couldn’t choose just ONE scene, but I like the moment when Gabriel cries on Marcos’ shoulders. We do not know if it is a moment of true anguish or if it is actually simulating. But I like that moment of intimacy and Marcos’s reaction.

PopHorror – What do you hope viewers take away from this film?

Martin Kraut – I am interested in the audience getting something more than just entertainment: finding a reason to reflect, a theme to debate and think about. In almost all of our societies, euthanasia is a pending issue to be discussed and legislated. And furthermore, nurses continue to be, at least in our country, very little valued in their work. I hope this may change over time.

PopHorror – Do you enjoy the horror/thriller genre? And if so what’s your favorite horror or thriller movie?

Martin Kraut – Yes, I really like thrillers, especially the classics: Hitchcock films (Vertigo, Rear Window). I also enjoy the mastery of Chan Wook Park (Stoker), the tension of Polanski (The Tenant), the villain Lanthimos created in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and many more.

PopHorror – Great choices! Anything else you’d like to talk about?

Martin Kraut – I am very happy that the film is released in the US !!! I am preparing my next movie so I hope to see you again soon!

PopHorror – Same to you! To all those who are reading La Dosis/The Dose is now available on Digital and On Demand! Be sure to check it out!

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