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Interview with Patrick White, Director of the New Supernatural Horror ‘Queen of Spades’

I recently had a chance to chat with Patrick White, the director behind the new supernatural horror film, Queen of Spades. I was excited to learn about how he got involved in filmmaking, the inspiration behind this film, some of his favorite scenes, and more!

Patrick White

PopHorror – Hi Patrick. How is 2021 treating you so far?

Patrick White – So far so good, it has been a challenge as my girls have had to do virtual school for most of 2021 because of the restrictions in Ontario. But overall it’s been awesome to have great quality time with the family.

PopHorror – Oh I bet! What inspired you to get into filmmaking?

Patrick White – I fell in love with film at an early age. I was huge into comic books with my best friend and we both fell hard for Star Wars. On top of that I was lucky as my aunt (Delphine White) was a costume designer in Toronto and she worked on large Hollywood productions and at an early age I got to visit the set for My Secret Identity and then in high school she got me to be an extra on To Die For and Good Will Hunting by Gus Van Sant, and that cemented it for me I was hooked on creating movies from then on.

PopHorror – That’s so awesome! What’s your favorite genre?

Patrick White – I think I would need to say Thrillers would most likely be my favourite, something that keeps you guessing, and while you watch you never truly have both feet solid on the ground. I will say a thriller with a bit of sci-fi or supernatural I’m a huge fan.

PopHorror – Queen of Spades is your first feature film. How does that feel?

Patrick White – It feels glorious! It’s such a massive thing to bring to fruition and takes a huge team and many people believing in you so it feels like a giant milestone.

PopHorror – I bet. A huge congratulations to you! Can you tell the readers what it’s about?

Patrick White

Patrick White – The film is the Russian Folklore or mythology that we know as “Bloody Mary”. The movie follows 4 teenagers who summon the Queen of Spades and her wrath upon them.

PopHorror – What was the inspiration behind this film?

Patrick White – The inspiration was the Russian Original film Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite and what inspired me was that this myth that I grew up knowing as Bloody Mary is something different yet the same on the other side of the world in Russia.

PopHorror – That’s awesome. I didn’t realize that’s where Bloody Mary originated from. Such a great cast! How did the casting process come about?

Patrick White – I was lucky to work with the Lewis/Kay casting team on the first feature I produced Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and when it came time to make Queen of Spades I reached out to them. The process was great, we did self-tapes for Montreal and Toronto and held casting sessions in Ottawa and Toronto. I truly believe the highlight of this film is the cast and the strength of their performances.

PopHorror – Any favorite scenes?

Patrick White – My favorite would be the Blue Nightmare or Mary’s Nightmare, the scene has great moments and keeps the audience on edge and guessing what’s going to happen next and the introduction of the Queen in the scene worked out beautifully.

PopHorror – Yes. I agree completely! Is there anything else you’d like to talk about regarding this film or upcoming projects?

Patrick White – I have a project that Brendan McNeill my producing partner and I have been developing with our Executive Producer Charles Johnston. It’s a revenge movie with sleepwalking at its core and it’s a thriller.

PopHorror – I can’t wait to check it out when it’s released. Thanks again for chatting with PopHorror. For all those reading, Queen of Spades is now available On Demand and will release via Blu-ray on June 29! Be sure to check it out!

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