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‘Good Girl’ (2018) Short Review: Uncomfortably Spectacular

Three Tales Productions delivers a unique dark thriller that will be hitting festivals soon. I was lucky enough to catch a early screening of Good Girl and it definitely blew me away.

This awesome dark thriller was directed by Wesley Alley as well as written by himself and Bradley Fowler. It was also produced by Alley, Darren Lynn Bousman, Amanda Markowitz, Bradley Fowler, and Victoria Matlock. It stars Zack Ward and Amanda Markowitz.


Synopsis for Good Girl

The film is a seemingly romantic and beautiful story that follows a couple celebrating their ten-year anniversary; however, the occasion they are celebrating is far more sinister than it appears. 

Honestly, Good Girl took me by surprise. The short starts out simple enough. From first glance, it appears that a couple is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Although the room feels a bit stuffy and uncomfortable, one can only assume that their relationship is a bit strained but not completely broken. They’re oozing with sexual chemistry that we get to see first hand. However, this anniversary is not quite what it seems to be and quickly takes a deliciously sinister turn. Although I knew something was up, this was not what I expected. Don’t you love surprises? I know I do. Everything about this short is phenomenal. From the opening scene to the last it delivers a uncomfortably perfect story under 10 minutes including award-winning performances, top notch cinematography, and killer twists and turns along the way.

When you start to watch Good Girl, you completely forget it’s a short because it’s that compelling. Everything about it is intriguing and you want to know more what’s going on. It’s a story in which every moment matters and the camera makes sure to capture it all with long pauses and close attention to detail. Because of that detail it’s quite uncomfortable to watch but also exciting. You can’t your take eyes off the screen and want to see more despite the intensely awkward scenes that will make you squirm.

>As I previously mentioned, the performances were amazing. Zack Ward blew me the fuck away. Hands down the best character and performance I’ve ever seen him do (and he’s done quite a bit lately). He commanded the screen and had a sadistically sexy vibe to him. Amanda Markowitz was equally wonderful and played timid, cautious, and devoted… awkwardly beautiful. You could feel her anxiousness through the screen as well as her desire to devour Zack’s character. There’s so much more I could say about this characters but unfortunately that would reveal spoilers and I want others to be surprised as well.


Final Thoughts

Good Girl hands down is one of the best shorts I’ve seen all year and in general one of the best films I’ve seen altogether. It’s everything a dark thriller should be and it captivates you from beginning to end. Although it’s perfect as a short, I would to love to see a full-feature made too. Once you see it, you’ll know why I feel this way.  I have no doubt that it’s going to kickass during the festival season, so be sure to be on the lookout for it. 

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