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‘Good Girl’ (2018) Short Review: Uncomfortably Spectacular

good girl

Three Tales Productions delivers a unique dark thriller that will be hitting festivals soon. I was lucky enough to catch a early screening of Good Girl and it definitely blew me away. This awesome dark thriller was directed by Wesley Alley as well as written by himself and Bradley Fowler. …

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In Darren Lynn Bousman’s ‘SockMonster,’ Laundry Really Is A Killer

Darren Lynn Bousman, the director behind the first three Saw sequels, The Devil’s Carnival (2012) and the newly released Abattoir, has donned his Producer’s hat for the upcoming horror short, SockMonster. Written, produced and directed by #15SecondScare’s Wesley Alley, this four minute short finally offers the world an answer for that eternal question… …

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