Folk Horror Film ‘Dogged’ (2018) Film Review

Back in college was my first real time living on my own. When I came back home to visit, it seemed like home was suddenly different. The town looked and felt different after being gone. In my case, thankfully, it was nothing at all like Dogged. However, I can relate to how you tend to notice things that are different or you may not have seen prior after you’ve been away.

Dogged is a folklore horror film about coming back to your hometown and realizing things are not how you remember them. We have been looking forward to since we first reported it. Did it live up to our expectations? Read on to find out!

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Synopsis for Dogged:

When Sam returns home to the tidal island where he grew up to attend a funeral, he soon discovers that the seedy underbelly of this small community harbors more than just a few secrets.

Directed by: Richard Rowntree

Written by: Matthew Davies (Screenplay), Christina Rowntree (Story) and Richard Rowntree (Story and Screenplay)

Starring: Debra Leigh-Taylor, Nadia Lamin, Philip Ridout, Tony Manders, Sam Saunders and Toby Wynn-Davies.

Scene from Dogged

My Thoughts:

I will be honest. I didn’t know much about this film prior to viewing it. After watching, I believe that it is one of the best indie psychological thrillers out there. I want to be clear: this film does not fall into a gory horror blood fest. Do not go into watching it with those expectations. In my opinion, Dogged could be compared to The Wicker Man.

Sam returns to his small and isolated island town after college for a funeral of a young local girl. You know right away that something is not right with the circumstances of her death. You then begin a journey with Sam into finding out what exactly is going on in this town and begin to learn that nothing is at it seems.

Dogged is moderately paced… a slow burn, if you will. There are attention grabbing moments throughout. The writing develops the characters with realism, and you feel right along with the characters. The film has a vintage feel to it through the way it was shot. There are many scenes where the colors are stunning, yet the atmosphere of the island itself is darker. The scenes that are more along the gory side are built up and worth the wait. They are not overdone and bring the story alive.

If you enjoy psychological thrillers, Dogged is right up your alley and will not disappoint. Be sure to check it out. It is now available for purchase on VOD here.

Has anyone seen this film? Thoughts? Let us know here. Stay tuned to PopHorror for all your horror news, interviews and reviews!

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