[Exclusive] Meet Caitlin Williams: Stunningly Brilliant Co-Star of Bill Moseley in ‘Crepitus’

A few months back, PopHorror had the privilege of talking with Caitlin Williams, a small town girl with huge dreams, about her first big role in a film. Now that Crepitus (starring Bill Mosely as a child-eating clown) has wrapped up, we are picking her brain about this amazing experience. Find out what it was like to work on such a creepy film, what she learned from Bill, plus exclusive pictures, and more!

PopHorror –  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us again, Caitlin! First things first, when did the filming begin for Crepitus?

Caitlin Williams – Crepitus began filming in January for a week when we had Bill with us. Then started back up in April.

PopHorror – That sounds like a hectic schedule, but I’m glad you guys were able to make it work. Where did it film at?

Caitlin Williams – It was filmed in my hometown of Cheboygan, Michigan.

PopHorror –  That’s so awesome and a big deal since Crepitus was your first big role! Speaking of which, as your first time working on a film, what was the experience like?

Caitlin Williams – It was a phenomenal experience. I learned so much from everyone on set and was lucky enough to work with a wonderful cast and crew.

PopHorror – I’m glad to hear that it went smoothly! Did you enjoy playing the role of your character?

Caitlin Williams in Crepitus

Caitlin Williams – Definitely, I had a lot of fun playing the role of Eli. Her personality is nothing like mine. So I really got to become someone new.

PopHorror – That’s always a challenging experience, but a fun one. Speaking of fun characters, what was it like working with Bill Moseley?

Caitlin Williams and Bill Moseley

Caitlin Williams – Working with Bill was a phenomenal experience. He is so kind. I learned a lot from him while on set. We got many chances to talk about the industry and he gave me some great advice. He is also super funny.

PopHorror – Wow, he’s such a great guy and that’s definitely an experience you’ll keep with you forever. Beyond your character, if you could play any other part in Crepitus, who would it be?

Caitlin Williams – If I could play any other role it would probably be Brandi. I loved the evil twist Eve Mauro put on this character. I would love to try this kind of role.

PopHorror – I would love to see you in that type of role. You have such a sweet and innocent look, so an evil role would throw people off guard! So, are there any behind the scene moments you want to talk about?

Caitlin Williams in Crepitus

Caitlin Williams – Probably one of my favorite moments of shooting was doing action scenes with Eve Mauro. We had a lot of fun with them and had good chemistry.

PopHorror – Can’t wait to see it! What was your favorite part of this whole project?

Caitlin Williams – My favorite part of the whole project…that’s a tough one. I would have to say the cast and crew. They were all phenomenal to work with. Everyone was always so kind and willing to help. It made things run a lot smoother.

PopHorror – That’s great to hear that, it is a wonderful team. What did you learn from this experience?

Caitlin Williams – Overall I learned that no matter your circumstances, your day will come where you get the opportunities you deserve. Having this film being shot in my hometown was my opportunity. I am running with it and never looking back.

PopHorror – You absolutely rock and are an inspiration to all beginning actors! I truly believe you’re going to do amazing things, speaking of which, do you have any projects in the works?

Caitlin Williams – Actually yes, this movie alone has opened quite a few doors for me. Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose any information about these projects.

As always, Caitlin is a complete sweetheart and we look forward to Crepitus and the rest of her upcoming projects. Crepitus is set to release on Oct 15th, 2017, but is subject to change. Fingers crossed! Also, please don’t forget to follow Crepitus on Facebook for all your evil clown needs at www.facebook.com/crepitusfilm.

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