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‘Crepitus’ (2018) Movie Review: Horrifyingly Depraved, Sadistically Wonderful

Bill Moseley as Crepitus

It’s a surreal moment when you finally get to watch a film that you’ve been hearing about for years, riding the wave from its initial conception to the eventual post-production. You build up an expectation of what it will be like, hoping against hope that it’s everything you want it …

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WiHM 2018 Interview with Actress Eve Mauro, Star of ‘Crepitus’

Eve Mauro

I love a lady who is bold, direct, and has a great sense of humor. Actress Eve Mauro possesses all those qualities and more. She has done a plethora of horror films and TV shows and is in the upcoming cannibalistic clown film Crepitus. Learn about how she got involved …

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PopHorror Interviews Eddie Renner, Writer of ‘Crepitus’ Starring Bill Moseley

This interview has been a long time coming and we’re finally doing it! Eddie Renner is the talented writer behind the upcoming horror film Crepitus starring Bill Moseley. He’s a huge supporter of indie horror and horror in general and knows what fans want to see. Learn more about him, …

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[Exclusive] Meet Caitlin Williams: Stunningly Brilliant Co-Star of Bill Moseley in ‘Crepitus’

A few months back, PopHorror had the privilege of talking with Caitlin Williams, a small town girl with huge dreams, about her first big role in a film. Now that Crepitus (starring Bill Mosely as a child-eating clown) has wrapped up, we are picking her brain about this amazing experience. Find …

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The Year of the Clown: Crepitus Vs Pennywise


In case you guys didn’t know, it’s the year of the clown, baby! Although clown films are released all the time, it’s not ever year that two highly anticipated ones are coming out one right after the other another: Crepitus and IT. You can smell the coulrophobia in the air and the sounds …

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