Mike Taylor

Shudder’s ‘Host’ (2020) – Movie Review

Can we all talk for a moment about just how great Rob Savage’s Host on Shudder is? It’s been a long time since I’ve come across a film that’s given me the chills like this one has. I’ve seen a lot of people describe what they think this movie is in …

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‘Relic’ (2020) Movie Review: Suspenseful Horror At Its Best


Relic is horror of a different kind. This time, there are no supernatural, paranormal, or third kind demons. The only demons involved in this film are those of a very real disease known simply as Dementia. Director Natalie Erika James launches her debut with Relic. This film isn’t exactly ‘scary,’ …

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Panic Fest 2020 Movie Review – ‘The Soul Conductor’

the soul conductor

I’m onto my third review for Panic Fest 2020, and I have to say The Soul Conductor was by far the best one that I had the opportunity to view. Ilya Maksimov leads the charge in this fantasy horror flick, maximizing every shot to its potential. Let me be honest with all of …

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