Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble: 8 Awesome Witch Movies!

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The witching hour is about to begin! With only a few more months until October, Halloween and Halloween-related activities are all I can think about lately. It’s kind of hard not too with this heat wave moving across the nation that leaves us feels like we’re being burned at the stake. On that note, please enjoy our list of 8 awesome Witch movies that you can watch year around to make it feel like Autumn is almost here!

Practical Magic (1998)

This is a fun witch story and it even slightly scared me as an adolescent. It’s not really “horror” by any means, but the story is suspenseful and magical. It follows the Owen sisters who find themselves in boiling water after an ex-boyfriend won’t go away. After going to see this in theaters with a friend, we would not walk on any solid ground, only pavement, haha. If you’ve seen this movie, you know why.

Black Sunday (1960)

How can you not love this horror classic by Mario Bava? The story is dark, full of gore and horror, and was even banned in the UK for awhile because of its content. It follows the story of a Witch who is put to death by her brother only to return years later to seek revenge.

The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

I love The Witches of Eastwick. It’s a fun story with an awesome cast including Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon Michelle Pfeiffer, and Cher. Three single and lonely women become friends and while bonding they unknowingly create their own little coven as they’re all witches. Meanwhile, Daryl Van Horne (Nicholson) has bigger plans in store…

The Witches (1990)

This is a fun and surprisingly spooky tale. The witches are pure evil with crazy purple eyes and ugly mugs covered in warts and hair.  Anjelica Huston does an outstanding job as the grand high witch and her facial expressions and distinctive voice.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Although this movie is a cult classic, fans either love or hate it. I suppose I’m somewhere in the middle. I love this spooky witch story and I love the Book of Shadows even more. When I was younger they built up the movie so much that it was hard not to like it. I’m also super freaking excited for the sequel to Blair WitchThe Woods. Check it out!!!

The Witch (2016)

This is the newest Witch movie on the list and it also has received several mixed reviews. Some people hate it, while others think it’s the greatest horror story told in a long time. I personally love the creepy atmosphere it and old school witch vibe that this film provides.

The Craft (1996)

Light as a feather, stiff as a board, baby! This is one of my favorite Witch movies from the ’90s. It has a fun teen witch story with an amazing cast, fantastic soundtrack, and fun spells. Seriously, what’s not to love? I invoke thee to watch this epic witch story!

Hocus Pocus (1993)

“I put a spell on you and now you’re mine!” If you didn’t know this was my favorite Witch movie of all time, you probably don’t know me that well… but now you do! I’ve loved it ever since I was a little girl and I absolutely love every single freaking thing about it. The Sanderson Sisters are legit my favorite Witches, hands down. During, October I watch it at least once a week, every week, until Halloween. Yep, I’m mothafuckin’ dedicated, yo!

What are your guys favorite Witch movies? Let us know and thanks for continuing to read Pophorror – stay tuned for more awesome articles, lists, and breaking news!

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