A Tribute To Kiefer Sutherland!

Kiefer Sutherland is a British-born Canadian (high five to my fellow Canadians!) actor, producer, director, and singer. His parents, Shirley Douglas and Donald Sutherland, moved to California shortly after his birth. I feel like Kiefer Sutherland is one of those actors you don’t purposely watch, but when you watch a movie and he happens to be in it, you end up enjoying his performance. I did the same thing with Kevin Costner. I just happened to watch three movies in a row with him, and was like, “Alright, I’m down.”

Check out Kiefer Sutherland’s song, “Shirley Jean.”


Our Favorite Kiefer Sutherland Roles

 The Lost Boys (1987)

YARN | They're only noodles, Michael. | The Lost Boys (1987) | Video gifs by quotes | cce150d9 | ?

  • Character: Of course we have to include our favorite blood sucker, David.
  • Best Quote: “They’re only noodles, Michael.”

Flatliners (1990)

Pin on ? The Lost Boys (1987) ?

  • Character: The rebellious but beautiful Dr. Nelson Wright
  • Best Quote: “Today is a good day to die.”

Stand By Me (1986)

Stand By Me | Stand by me, Kiefer sutherland, Badass movie

  • Character: Bad boy and bully, Ace Merrill
  • Best Quote: “You got two choices. You leave quietly, we take the body. Or, you can stay, we beat the shit out of you, we take the body.”

Young Guns (1988)

Posts tagged kiefer sutherland) in 2021 | Young guns, Kiefer sutherland, Billy the kids

  • Character: Gunslinger Doc Scurlock
  • Best Quote: “I eat meat and potatoes.”

Eye For An Eye (1996)

Revenge Fest. Beginning with Eye for an Eye (1996)… | by Tom McLaughlin | Dark Verse | Medium

  • Character: Creep and criminal, Robert Doob
  • Best Quote: “Come on, motherfucker. Blow my fucking head off. Five people watched you come here. Show me you’ve got some balls.”

24 TV Series (2001-2014)

24 heures chrono : la Fox prépare une série sur la jeunesse de Jack Bauer

  • Character: Hero Jack Bauer
  • Best Quote: The only reason that you’re conscious right now is because I don’t want to carry you.”

Phone Booth (2002)

Kiefer in Phone Booth - Kiefer Sutherland Image (15480031) - Fanpop

  • Character: Mystery voice The Caller
  • Best Quote: “Get this man a seat on Oprah!”

Mirrors (2008)

Mirrors 2008 | Horror Amino

  • Character: Character: Ex-cop and caring father, Ben Carson
  • Best Quote: “Fuck this place.”

Fun Facts

Twin sister, Rachel Sutherland, is a television post-production supervisor in Toronto, Ontario.

Even though he physically appears onscreen for less than three minutes in Phone Booth (2002), he received second billing behind Colin Farrell.

When he was eight, he moved to Canada where he spent the next eight years of his life.

He left Canada to do commercials in New York. In 1983, he landed a jeans advertisement and got enough money to buy a car and go to California.

He is a huge fan of the rock band, Queen.

He was awarded a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto, Ontario in 2005.

When his character, Jack Bauer, got a new tattoo for Season 3 of 24, instead of having to go though tedious makeup for each scene in which the tattoo would show, Kiefer had a real tattoo inked onto his arm.
Kiefer and Donald Sutherland Also Played Father and Son in a Film — inside Their Relationship
Kiefer Sutherland and his father, Donald Sutherland

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