Juan José Campanella’s Comedy Thriller, ‘The Weasel’s Tale,’ Will Release In Theaters Soon

From The Weasel’s Tale press release:

From Juan José Campanella, the director of the Oscar Award-winning The Secret in Their Eyes, comes The Weasel’s Tale (El cuento de las comadrejas). This comic thriller starring a cast of acclaimed, seasoned Argentine actors, begins its U.S. theatrical premiere October 19, 2020, from Outsider Pictures and Strand Releasing.

The story of a group of four long-time friends, including a beautiful actress from cinema’s golden age, an actor in the twilight of his life, a frustrated scriptwriter, and an old director, will do the impossible to try and preserve the world they have created in an old mansion in the countryside outside Buenos Aires. When faced with the threat of a young couple who could put everything in danger, financial gain, seduction, betrayal, and memories run amok to create the recipe for this delightful game of cat… and weasel.

Director Juan José Campanella (Law and Order: Special Victim Unit, House, 30 Rock, Colony) was inspired by the Argentinian film Los Muchachos de Antes No Usaban Arsénico and classic English films made by Ealing Studios in the 1950s (The Ladykillers and Kind Hearts and Coronets). The Weasel’s Tale mixes layers of dark humor, an unusual style of dialogue and classic comedy, in an homage to classic cinema’s structure, conventions and craftsmanship. It counters between suspense, drama, comedy and romance, like a cross between Sunset Boulevard and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, all with a Latin twist.

About the Director:

JUAN JOSÉ CAMPANELLA, Director & Writer – Internationally-acclaimed Argentinian director and writer for cinema and television. He usually produces and edits most of his own films. Much of his career has been spent in the US, working on successful TV series such as, Law and Order: Special Victim Unit, House and 30 Rock. He directed the first season of Colony and was executive producer for the second season.

In Argentina, he produced several feature films that won multiple awards, including El mismo amor, la misma lluvia (1999), El hijo de la novia (2001), Luna de Avellaneda (2004), El secreto de sus ojos (2009), winner of am Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2010, and Metegol (2013). Among other TV work, he has directed, produced and written the miniseries Vientos de Agua (2006), which won 5 Martín Fierro awards. In 2012, he returned to the small screen with the series El Hombre de tu Vida. He was also the showrunner for Entre Caníbales (2015). In 2013, he presented Parque Lezama, completing a lifelong ambition of directing for theatre and recently returned to theatre with ¿Qué hacemos con Walter?

About the Cast:

GRACIELA BORGES as Mara – Graciela Noemí Zabala, better known by her stage name Graciela Borges, is an award-wining Argentinian cinema and television actress. Famous for her talent and magnetism, she embodied Argentinian beauty in the 60s, and her roles in several major films led her to become the country’s leading female star at the time.
She has starred in nearly 50 films, including La Ciénaga (2001) by Lucrecia Martel, Las Manos (2006) by Alejandro Doria, Crónica de una Señora (1971) and Pobre Mariposa (1971), both by Raúl de la Torre.

OSCAR MARTÍNEZ as Norberto – Oscar Martínez is an Argentinian theatre actor, writer and director. He has won several awards throughout his career as actor in cinema and theatre. Among his main theatre works are Ella en mi cabeza, winner of the Best Comedy ACE in 2005 which premiered in several countries. He has also written the theory book Ensayo general, Apuntes sobre el trabajo del actor. His filmography includes Relatos Salvajes (2014) by Damián Szifrón, El Ciudadano Ilustre (2016) by Gastón Duprat and El Nido Vacío (2008) by Daniel Burman

LUIS BRANDONI as Pedro – Luis Brandoni is a world-renowned Argentinian whose extensive work in cinema and television includes Esperando La Carroza (1985) by Alejandro Doria, Convivencia (1994) by Carlos Galettini, and the recent Un Gallo Para Esculapio (2017) by Bruno Stagnaro. He has been nominated for and won several awards, including a Martín Fierro award for the Best Dramatic Actor for Uno de Nosotros (1970), Best Comedy Actor for Mi Cuñado (1993, 1995), and the Diploma of Merit of the Kónex award for his career (1991), among others.

MARCOS MUNDSTOCK as Martín – Marcos Mundstock is a Spanish-Argentinian voice actor, copywriter, actor and comedian, best known for his work as a member of the comedy and music ensemble Les Luthiers. He is well known as the narrator of most introductions to his works and shows. He has been involved in films like Quebracho (1974) by Ricardo Wullicher, Roma (2004) by Adolfo Aristarain, Cama Adentro (2004) by Jorge Gaggero, No sos vos, soy yo (2004) by Martín Carranza, and Metegol (2013) by Juan José Campanella.

CLARA LAGO as Bárbara – Clara Lago Grau is a Spanish actress whose career started at a very early age, with minor roles in several TV series until she joined the cast of Compañeros. Her acting work includes her roles in Tengo Ganas de Ti, Fin, El Pasajero, La Cara Oculta, and the recent comedies Ocho Apellidos Vascos and Ocho Apellidos Catalanes.

NICOLÁS FRANCELLA as Francisco – Nicolas Francella is an Argentinian actor, singer and TV producer, best known for his double role as Matías Arce and Inti in the TV series Aliados, for which he was nominated for a Martín Fierro award and Kids Choice Awards Argentina. He has also taken part in the TV series Las Estrellas de El Trece, as Federico. He won a Best New Actor Sur Award for his work in the film Corazón de León.

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