13 Of The Best Friends In Horror Films

Whether you find yourself in the middle of a maniac’s killing spree, an apocalypse, or a hostage situation, always make sure you have at least one friend who’ll have your back, no matter what. Today, PopHorror shows its appreciation for the best friends in horror films. This list isn’t speaking about the morality of these characters, merely the loyalty they hold to their friends, so there will be a villain or two. If they’re loyal, they’re on this list. (Warning! Spoilers below!)

Rod – Get Out

Rod is the best friend everyone wants to have should they ever go missing. Our main character, Chris, realizes there’s something sinister going on when he visits the family of his girlfriend, Rose. After some concerning phone calls to Rod, Chris disappears, and it’s up to Rod to figure out what’s going on. Of course, Rod doesn’t actually figure out the secret, but he does come up with some pretty far-fetched and hilarious theories.

Even after being mocked and ridiculed, Rod doesn’t stop looking for his best friend. Eventually, Chris escapes from the hell he was trapped in, killing his way to freedom. When a car with flashing lights pull up, Chris thinks it’s over for him, but who gets out of the car? Mr. Rod “TS-Motherfuckin-A” Williams! We’re not sure how, but he was able to track down the location of Rose’s family and rescue Chris. Rod is the real MVP!

J.C. – Night Of The Creeps

J.C. is the main reason this list was created. He’s such an underrated character in the horror community. He starts out trying to help his friend, Chris, get the girl of his dreams, going so far as to participate in the fraternity prank that unintentionally created all the chaos in their town, turning its residents into shambling zombies. J.C. also talks how he gets depressed when Chris is depressed, which may be blowing smoke, BUT actions speak louder than words. When J.C. himself becomes infected, he ends up finding out how to kill the creatures that infect the residents. He knows he’s dying and, in a selfless act, leaves a message for Chris, warning him and informing him how to kill the creatures. Then he makes his way to a boiler to prevent infecting others. J.C. was a true friend, and he needs his recognition!

Tucker – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale are long time friends who buy a cabin in the woods to fix up and use as a summer home. They find themselves in a predicament when college students start dying on their property and they get blamed for the bloody, accidental deaths. Tucker proves how good of a friend he is by constantly encouraging Dale to have confidence in himself and ask the girl of his dreams out on a date. After chaos and hilarity ensue, Tucker finds himself injured in a car accident. Even when he’s in a lot of pain, he still pushes Dale to leave him behind and rescue the damsel in distress.

The Losers Club – IT (2017)

I couldn’t make a list about friends and NOT include the Loser’s Club. Other than the killer clown, the film is completely centered around the bond of this group of young kids. Everyone is dealing with their fears and struggles of everyday life. They confide in each other, and soon realize they have a common enemy, Pennywise the dancing clown. They fight each other, they mock each other, but they stick together through Pennywise’s reign. Even when they’re given the choice to leave one of their own behind in order to save themselves, they decide to stick together and fight Pennywise, causing him to crawl away in cowardice. In 27 years, they’ll find that bond again when they have to face Pennywise one last time!

Stu – Scream

Even if you’re a bloodthirsty psychopath, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a good friend. That’s definitely the case for Stu, Billy Loomis’ second-in-command. When final girl Sydney Prescott realizes the killers are Billy and Stu, Billy shares that his motivation was revenge against Sydney’s mother for having an affair with his father. So, what was Stu’s motivation for this killing spree? According to him, it was peer pressure. Now, that reason could be a flat out lie, but Stu has shown his dedication to these murders, killing his own girlfriend in the process. Billy is not included on this list because he was never a true friend to Stu. Stu was merely a person whom Billy planned to rat out if they ever got caught.

Paxton – Hostel

I’ll admit, our three main characters, Paxton, Josh, and Oli, are no saints. Right from the beginning, their priorities center around weed and women. The promise of women is what initially lures this trio to Slovakia, where they meet their nightmares. Paxton’s best friend, Josh, ends up brutally murdered by an older man they meet on their way to Slovakia. After escaping from the factory where his friend is killed, Paxton ends up on the very train where – you guessed it – the older man is also traveling on! Of course, Paxton couldn’t let his friend’s killer get away without paying. To avenge Josh’s death, Paxton corners the old man in a bathroom and proceeds to cut off his fingers, dunk his head in a toilet, and slit his throat. Paxton spends the entire film being careful in his escape. At the end, he risks it all to avenge his best friend’s death.

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