13 Of The Best Friends In Horror Films

Marcus – Hatchet

Marcus is the friend that’s able to make any situation hilarious. It’s Mardi Gras and Ben is mourning the death of his relationship. Instead of enjoying Fat Tuesday, Ben decides to get away from it all and look for a boat tour to get his mind off of everything. Marcus is given the choice to either continue to party with the rest of their friends or tag along with Ben. He decides hang out with Ben, and he gives him shit every step of the way. When they find themselves trapped in the middle of Honey Island Swamp, being hunted down by Victor Crowley, Marcus holds his own and keeps the comedy, taunting Crowley as a means of distraction. When Marcus finds himself in a losing battle with the deformed maniac, he tells Ben to run and save himself before he suffers one of the worst deaths in the franchise. 

Jack – An American Werewolf In London

Jack and David are backpacking across Europe when they stop in a little pub filled with superstitious locals. After they leave the bar, they are attacked by a werewolf, and Jack is killed. However, when David is infected, Jack is forced to return from the grave, conversing with David as if he never died. Then, he’s forced to give David tough love and tell him straight up that he needs to die in order for Jack’s soul to be free. Of course, David is initially in disbelief, and this doubt bites him in the ass – and other victims in the throat. Jack loved David, but he was suffering in Limbo and decaying, all because of the werewolf’s curse.

Frank – The Monster Squad

We all know the story of Frankenstein’s monster. In this ’80s classic, a group of monster-obsessed youths, The Monster Squad, realize the legends are all true, and the end of the world is in only a few days. When Frankenstein’s monster, A.K.A. Frank, is awakened from his slumber, he is ordered by Dracula to retrieve a diary that’s in the kids’ possession. However, Frank forms an immediate bond with the kids and goes against his master’s wishes. He didn’t want what the other monsters wanted; he didn’t want to be feared. He was a good soul, and he betrayed his master to protect the ones who matter.

Mick and Pnub – Idle Hands

When slacker Anton’s hand develops a mind of its own and demands blood, it goes on a killing spree, killing everyone close to him. Among those victims are Anton’s two closest friends, Mick and Pnub. However, the dead duo deny heaven to return from the grave, but not to exact revenge. They instead smoke weed, watch tv, and try to help Anton with his hand problem. Even in death they’re slackers, but they’re also there for Anton to help in any way they can. They even unintentionally come up with the solution for stopping the hand. When they get a second chance to go to heaven, they take it and become Anton’s guardian angels, giving him one last good scare… as best friends are meant to do.

Abby – Let Me In

Owen is a bullied outcast who dreams of revenge against his tormentors. Abby is a vampire who must travel from place to place and feed. Their paths cross when Abby moves in next door to Owen and they almost immediately start to bond. Fast forward… many bodies pile up and Abby decides that it’s time to leave Owen. When it seems that Abby is gone for good, Owen’s bullies take it too far and try to drown him. Abby then breaks in and completely massacres the bullies. This bond is much more than a simple friendship, but Abby has earned her place in this list because of what she did to protect Owen.

Sadie and McKayla – Tragedy Girls

Best friends who slay together stay together. Since youth, Sadie and Mckayla have been inseparable and insane. In order to raise their social media numbers, they decide to kidnap a local serial killer in order to get him to teach them his ways. When their plan fails, they decide to keep him captive and go on a killing spree themselves. They’re cold, they’re calculating, and they’re fame hungry. When things get complicated, they start to believe that they can go their separate ways. However, their friendship is too strong, and they soon realize they are all they have. They eventually make amends in the form of their ultimate massacre. Their loyalty may have been questioned, but nothing gets between them!

Emmett – 10 Cloverfield Lane

Ever since Michelle is taken by Howard and trapped in his bunker, she has trouble believing anything he says. She finds trust in Emmett, another person trapped from the outside world. Eventually, the world’s end seems true, and the trio spend their time waiting it out, doing puzzles, playing games and bonding. Then suspicion erupts when Michelle learns that Howard killed a woman. She teams up with Emmett and steals supplies to create a hazmat suit. Eventually, Howard finds the supplies and threatens to kill them both. This is where Emmett proves his loyalty. He decides to lie to Howard and tell him he was making a weapon to use against Michelle. It may have cost Emmett his life, but it also turned all suspicion away from Michelle, giving her the opportunity to finish the suit unbothered. It was a hell of a sacrifice on Emmett’s part.

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