David R. Williams and Tilke Hill’s ‘Rust Belt Driller’ (2021) – Movie Review

Being an artist is stressful. The highs and lows of the business can drive someone insane. More so the highs because when we come down from them, the lows hit harder. However, though it’s something that defines us. We find our voice and what we want to do. Being an artist is rewarding, finding purpose as we inspire or make someone’s day knowing they enjoy our work. This is the mindset of the movie I want to talk about today, Rust Belt Driller, directed by Tilke Hill (Why I Murdered My Roommate 2015) and David R. Williams (The Geometries Of Desires 2018).

The plot of the film:

An artist is driven to homicidal rage by a world gone mad. He turns his studio into a slaughterhouse, killing his victims with the Drillinator 9000. The line between reality and insanity becomes blurred as the artist’s hallucinations begin to take physical form… or has his madness infected the people around him?

Rust Belt Driller is the first feature film script from Aaron Krygier (Summer Lost 2018). He does a great job portraying the lead character going through the stress and struggle of being an artist as well. It’s something we can all relate to despite the type of job or even hobby we may partake in.

It’s hard to determine what Rust Belt Driller wants to be: A slasher movie, a psychological horror film, a b-movie… Now, it is possible for a film to be all these things if it’s done right, except this one finds flaws when trying to identify itself. Aaron does a great job in his performance as someone who’s going through the mental anguish of anxiety. The film could have gone a different route where Aaron plays the party animal best friend for comic relief. There are scenes of humor, but it was hard to determine at times how the scenes were supposed to be taken. The story is a bit confusing.

Overall, I have to give credit where credit is due for Rust Belt Driller. As I’ve always stated, filming, writing, and producing movies is not an easy job, yet it’s a love and passion you can’t deny when you have it. Aaron Krygier wrote the movie, and he gave a great performance. I’m just not satisfied with movie itself. Tilke Hill made his co-directorial debut here, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy for them on this project. However, they went out and made a movie. They should feel proud that they did something some only dream about. When the film comes out, I urge you to watch it and decide for yourself.

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