The Lost Boys Comic Issue 3 Review: The Believer

We continue our vampire hunting journey with the familiar characters we all know and love: Michael, Star, Laddie, and Mrs. Emerson. In the third issue of The Lost Boys, Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) continues his story of the new female band of vampires in Santa Carla and finding The Believer, the one last vampire hunter in Santa Carla. The character is none other than the saxophone playing, ripped man glistening on the boardwalk in The Lost Boys movie. 

Image result for lost boys sax player comicScott Godlewski (The Dark & The Bloody) really captures the essence of Tim Cappello, the actor that portrayed the original sax player. Seeley also builds up quite a character for Niko Petropoulos AKA The Believer.  His character is so devout in his crusade against the vampires of Santa Carla. With lines like, “I knew you were a demon because you didn’t feel the music,” he might be my favorite character… if not for the return of the old big bad David himself.

Not a lot is said on how or why David is back. He is still as brooding and devilishly handsome as he was in the movie. Godlewski was able to pull off a good likeness of Keifer Sutherland. Seeley also brings it home with David’s character with his sarcastic wit, “So should you, Michael, but you were never good at keeping up.”

During this issue, there are two main storylines running throughout. The first is Michael and Sam going to find the Frog Brothers, whom they have hoped have not died. They are thwarted by a construction crew when trying to get to the entrance of the underground vampire city. Sam hints that it is a bigger conspiracy which is proven when Lucy and Laddie are pulled over by the police and Laddie being taken for being reported missing. This all culminates to the big showdown on the dock between Michael, Sam and The Believer vs. the vampires. This is the first fight scene we have gotten since the first two issues reintroduced us to these characters again.

The second storyline explains the bigger picture. Star has been kidnapped by the female vampire band and brought to the underground city of Xibalba, where the mothers of the vampires who are slumbering lay in wait. Will they be awakened? The Frog Brothers were missing in action this issue but will definitely be coming back next issue.

Final Thoughts:

There was lots of action in this issue. Now that we have reintroduced all the characters, we can get on to the bigger plot ahead. The addition of the new hunter, The Believer, adds to the campiness that everyone loved in the original film.  I did have some problems with the issue. We still have no idea how David escaped his death in The Lost Boys movie. My last qualm is that the panels are a little disjointed; the title page of the comic seemed to come at the end of the issue, which never happens. I do look forward to seeing where we go from here in issue four.


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