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The Last Night (2017) Horror Short Film

The last time we watched a short by Windar Media Productions was when we reviewed The Clown NetworkDid their next horror short, The Last Night, leave us satisfied as well?

The Last Night is a horror short directed and produced by Gustavo Genixo and stars Ximena Cou. It was released not too long ago and has a run time of almost 9 minutes.

Official Synopsis:

A deeply disturbed man, haunted by the obsession of twisted love relationships, decides to visit his last ex-girlfriend who lives alone in a lonely neighborhood. Now, she has to deal with the unexpected guest who has an appetite for revenge of his damaged feelings.

The horror short played out like a typical intruder type of story. Someone breaks into the home of a young adult female and attempts to have his way with her, but she fights him off. But sadly for her… it doesn’t end well.

I thought the first half of the story was pretty mediocre, however, I loved the ending. It was beautifully shot with some horrific imagery and really amped up the creepy atmosphere. I wish we could have seen more of that.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, it was a fun intruder story but I felt like there was something missing in the beginning and maybe an extra minute or two to the runtime could’ve helped that. Either way, the ending of The Last Night totally makes it worth viewing at least once. Let us know your thoughts if you watch it, the short can be found – here.




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