‘The Crazies’ (2010) The 10th Anniversary

On February 26, 2010  the world was reintroduced to The Crazies. Staring Timothy Olyphant (A Perfect Getaway, Santa Clarita Diet, Scream 2), Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill, Rouge, Pitch Black) The Crazies follow the story of the aftermath of a strange and insecure plane crash, an unusual toxic virus enters a quaint farming town. A young couple  (Olyphant)and (Mitchell) are quarantined, but they fight for survival along with help from a couple of people.

Fun Facts:

1) If you read the graffiti on the jail cell wall it appears to say “Romero”, referencing  George A. Romero the creator of the original film from 1973.

2) Every actor who turned into a crazy had to sit in the make up chair for three hours.

3) Elizabeth Banks turned down a role in The Crazies, because she said it was too similar to her character in Slither (2006).

4) Some of the filming was done in Lenox, IA. Lenox is the opposing team in the baseball scene early in the film.

5) The old police car they go back to get is a 1973 Ford LTD, which was the year the original movie was released.



1) When Russel explains to David that he saves his life three times throughout the movie, you only see two times.

2) Just before the sheriff’s car is shot with a missile, it goes to the sun with both doors open, but when the scene changes to the Deputy Russell the driver’s door is closed.

3) When Ben stops as he’s about to stab Becca, the pitchfork tines have no visible blood on them. Then, as he’s approaching Judy, the tines leave a trail of blood on the floor.

4) When captured by the crazies in the house, the woman picks up the sheriff’s gun and says, “This is the gun that killed your father.” However, she’s holding a revolver. The sheriff clearly shot her husband with an automatic pistol.

5) In the morgue, after the sheriff kills the mortician, he begins to back away from the still running saw. In this scene, the cord of the saw is clearly running towards him and is actually over his leg. In the following scenes, the cord is no longer connected behind him, but on the complete opposite side of the room.

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