Danish Horror Film ‘ATTACHMENT’ (2022) – Movie Review – Streaming Now on Shudder!

Attachment (2022) is a new Danish horror feature we’ve had our eye on. Gabriel Bier Gislason wrote and directed the film. It stars Ellie Kendrick, Josephine Park, Sofie Grabol, and David Dencik. We got a chance to check it out, recently, ahead of its Shudder premiere.

Continue to read, if you dare, to know what we thought about the film. 

First? The trailer!

Attachment (2022)

The movie starts out almost like a cute ‘Rom Com’ with an adorable first meet. Maja is an actress in costume rushing through the library to make it on time to read stories to the children who are there to meet her. En route, she collides with Leah and the girls have an instant connection. Leah stays to watch Maja read to the children and afterward they make plans that lead to a budding romance. Wait. Isn’t this supposed to be a horror movie? Don’t worry. Quickly this fresh relationship is challenged with dark secrets that unravel when Maja gets to know Leah’s Jewish family.

Attachment (2022)

Romance and Religion

It was great to see a lesbian romance in a film portrayed without being sexually exploited. Rather, it was just a couple falling in love. This is the way all relationships should be portrayed whether gay or straight in television and film.

The Jewish theology in Attachment is a welcomed change of pace. Christianity beliefs and folklore tend to dominate, with only a handful of films that are out there that address other faiths and beliefs. This movie delivered a breath of fresh air with the mysticism of Kabballah.

The plot of Attachment is an engaging journey that is far from predictable. When you think you understand what is taking place then here comes a plot twist. They astonish you even to the very end of the film!

Attachment (2022)

Final Thoughts

Attachment was a pleasure to view and comes highly recommended. Check it out on Shudder, and don’t forget to go to PopHorror for all your news, reviews, and interviews!

Attachment lands exclusively to Shudder for American audiences on February 9, 2023.

Attachment (2022)

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