The Carnage Collection (2015) Movie Review

My love of anthology films is well established and I have reviewed a ton of them. The latest notch on my DVD player is The Carnage Collection, a film that features eight video segments that someone is watching on their new TV service. The theme here is carnage, something this film has in abundance.

The Carnage Collection is the debut feature from Point and Shoot Films and is directed by Bob Ferreira,
Derek Ferreira, and Kimball Rowell from a script by Bob and Derek Ferreira. The film starts Tiera Colette, Derek Ferreira, Bob Ferreira, Felisia Grimm, Kimball Rowell, Desiree Lynn Hersom, Alexis Ames, Reuben Claridge, Chris Davis,  Lucas Davis, Druscilla DeVille, Mandatron Divine, Tom Ferreira,  Alberto Giovannelli, Sarah Jayy and Thomas Townsend. The film features eight segments that include everything from killer clowns to perverted stuffed animals and everything in between.

The first segment, Slay Bells, revolves around two brothers who are terrorized by a plastic, stand up Santa Claus. This segment was pretty cheesy in a fun sort of way. They managed to make the movements of the Santa come off pretty creepy and I loved his goofy dialogue. “Suck my motherfucking jingle balls!” There was some nice gore as well, with my favorite being a present repeatedly smashed into a face until it completely caved in.

The second segment, Trip, follows a man who is looking to buy drugs, and ends up trying a new type of high. This segment is much more experimental. This is what I would assume it would feel like to be terrorized while tripping balls. It’s shot in first person, making us the protagonist and leaving us to experience the trip with him.

The third segment, VCR, focuses on a man who has a loving relationship with his VCR. What I mean is, he likes to come home and stick his dick into his VCR and blow his load all over it. The segment’s extremely bloody finale shows that you probably shouldn’t show that sweet VCR pussy what you are made of. It will probably end badly for you.

The fourth segment, M, follows two potheads getting some killer weed from a gypsy. This segment didn’t really click with me. There wasn’t much gore to speak of and the plot didn’t seem to go anywhere.

The fifth segment, The Day The Clown Cried Blood, centers on a killer clown terrorizing people. There isn’t a whole lot of plot but it does feature some nice, gory kills, including a woman impaled with a hook, a man’s ear being bitten off, a gnarly throat slashing (complete with gurgling blood sound effects), and a head smashed in with a rock. I really liked the look of the clown. I loved that it was standard make up and not a mask or prosthetic. Between the makeup, the wig and the teeth, she was suitably menacing.

The sixth segment, Angel of Death, follows a grieving man who wants to kill himself. He is consistently stopped by a mysterious smoking man who insists God has a different plan for him. This segment lacks the gore of the other segments for most of its runtime but it definitely ends with a bang.

The seventh segment, Torture, follows the kidnapping and torture of a beautiful. young woman. This is, by far, one of the most depraved, disturbing and graphic segments in The Carnage Collection. The torture includes an ear being ripped off, an eye getting torn out, and her feet being nailed to a board. The ending hits like a punch to the gut, leaving me questioning how the torturer could do all of the things he did.

The eighth segment, Stuffed, centers on a woman named Andrea who is obsessed with stuffed toys to the point where she treats them like people, talking to them and doing the voice for them talking back to her. They are her only friends. She then finds a stuffed sloth named Rufio who actually has the ability to speak. Rufio is a bad influence on Andrea however, which leads to kidnapping, rape, and eventually murder and suicide. This segment is equally, if not more disturbing than the previous segment. Andrea rapes her friend with a doll, and when she fights back, she rapes her to death with a knife. This is all shown in gory graphic detail in close up through the use of a prosthetic vagina.

Final Thoughts

The Carnage Collection is a horror anthology that offers a bit of everything, including trippy visuals, extreme gore, laughs and disturbing and repulsive content. While some of the segments were stronger than others, it was a fun and fucked up viewing experience that I would recommend to all horror fans who like indie horror and can deal with the extreme gore and subject matter. You can purchase a copy of The Carnage Collection on DVD and Blu-Ray here.

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