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95 Years Of Silence: Celebrating ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ (1925)

Universal tested the horror waters on September 6, 1925, at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco when they released The Phantom of the Opera. Now, ninety-five years later, the film still stands the test of time and is still one of the most influential horror films ever. The movie was …

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Tragedy As Entertainment: 10 Tragic Tales That We Love (1925-1980)


Tragic stories have been a part of entertainment from the very beginning. Just look at Shakespeare, whose tales were permeated with tragedy. When the advent of cinema added to the thrills and chills of it all, the action was taken beyond the stage, immortalizing performances. Not all of the tragic …

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Freddy’s Phantom: The Phantom of the Opera (1989) Retro Review

We’ve seen The Phantom of the Opera done a million different ways by a million different people. After all, it’s one of the most oft-told tales in the annals of film and stage. This brand has seen thirty national and international adaptations for film alone, not counting the eight television attempts and …

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Remembering Boris Karloff On His 130th Birthday

Rising to fame during a significant era in film history, Boris Karloff contributed to the golden age of Hollywood of the 1930s. Theatrical audiences used film as a fantastical adventure to escape the uncertainties in their jobs, the economy and their lives. This month, we celebrate and remember the horror …

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‘Bride of Frankenstein’ is Next in the New Dark Universe Series

As most of you know, Universal has been planning on rebooting its series of classic monsters for the last couple years. They played around with the idea starting with Dracula Untold, but since that wasn’t too successful, everyone is leaning on next month’s highly anticipated reboot of The Mummy to start the new …

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Happy Birthday to Film Legend Lon Chaney!

Leonidas Frank Chaney, aka Lon Chaney, was born on this day in 1883 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Vastly talented, he was a legendary actor, artist, dancer, comedian, and voice actor. In addition, Chaney was a highly skilled makeup and special effects artist. His ground-breaking techniques and ability to contort his face …

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