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Jason Burke’s ‘Shackles’ (2021) Movie Review

Mental health is something that affects us all, especially during times like these where we are dealing with a pandemic. That is why Shackles, the new short by filmmaker and fellow PopHorror writer Jason Burke, is not only moving but necessary. The film is only 12 minutes long, has no …

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’13 Dolls In Darkness’ (2017) Movie Review

Sometimes I like to know as little about as film as possible before I watch and review it. That was the case with 13 Dolls In Darkness. I had only seen the title and a couple of posters, so I really didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to …

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3 Dead Trick Or Treaters (2017) Movie Review

Several months back, I saw a post on Facebook about a horror film that was rejected by a film festival due to its description, even though the festival people never bothered to watch it. I knew as soon as I saw the rejection letter that it was a film I had …

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