‘The Orpheus Protocol’ YouTube Series Pilot Review

It is imperative for any series pilot to captivate its audience, leaving little room for error. In his upcoming series, The Orpheus Protocol, Filmmaker Gene Blalock (The Nightmare Gallery 2019) does this and more in just 12 short minutes.

Luring you in with an interrogation by Homeland Security on a black site location, Agent Baker (Mike Sjoerdsma: Mind Blown 2016) begins questioning healthcare worker Ocean Moonwillow (Kristin Walker: Horror Haiku TV series). Judging by her handcuffs and protests of being kidnapped, it is clear that Moonwillow is being held against her will.

Kristin Walker and Mike Sjoerdsma in The Orpheus Protocol

In need of information regarding a death that occurred on Moonwillow’s watch, Agent Baker bluntly explains to her how little civilian rights mean in her current situation. And, as indicated by the flashback, there was something very peculiar about this particular death.

Utilizing simple effects in a creative way, Blalock weaves together an outstanding level of intrigue. Backed with great performances by Sjoerdsma and Walker, The Orpheus Protocol builds just the right amount of suspense while evoking imperative questions. Is Agent Baker really Homeland Security? If so, what interest does the U.S. government have in this mysterious death? More importantly, what was the true cause of this paranormal-esque event surrounding the death of a seemingly disturbed patient?

Some light may be shed on these questions with next week’s episode, which will premiere on Seraph Films’ YouTube channel. In the meantime, check out the sci-fi mystery pilot episode of The Orpheus Protocol by clicking the link below!

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